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JavaScript has grown from a webpage toy to being used in large-scale deployments both on the server and in the browser. This rapid growth has outpaced the growth of the language itself, which lacks features that allow teams to communicate requirements and build applications safely. This session will be a guided tour of TypeScript, a new language and toolset that makes it easier to write cross-platform, application-scale JavaScript. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. TypeScript adds optional static types, classes, and modules to JavaScript to enable great tooling and better structuring of large JavaScript applications. The TypeScript compiler is open source, cross-platform and open specification, and is written in TypeScript. The compiler outputs standard JavaScript that runs in any browser or any host.





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South Hall: Gateway Ballroom 102



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The Discussion

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    What about C# 6.0 ???

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    Atif Shahzad

    Cant wait for this session I would expect some SPA , Web services stuff on this session,

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    , Tommer wrote

    What about C# 6.0 ???

    TypeScript is C# 6.0


    Mind blown?

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    Lemony Mintix

    I'm not too big on Microsoft's stuff overall, but I like the look of TypeScript.

    Ima check it out.

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    TypeScript is like C# 0.6 not C# 6

    What about Roslyn ? New C# ?

    Strange silence

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    Amazing talk. Really want to have a Web project just to work with this language. Everybody and his dog needed this language 10 years ago.

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    Never imagined that one can build such a beautiful language as a superset of JavaScript! Wink

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    @McMaiersen, Only Anders Hejlsberg can do it Smiley

    Great session. Looking forward to utilizing it in our new project.

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    bub andrews

    Don't now yet...

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    @TristanSTW: Forget about Roslyn, seems It'll never happen.

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    @Tommer @TristanSTW @plepilov

    Check here at about 34:30: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2013/9-006

    The gist being, no new C# in 2013, but new updates planned for 2014 which is also the target for Roslyn's RTM. Typescript is new, whereas C# is more mature and stable, so it makes sense to here more about updates on Typescript than C#. Typescript hasn't even hit 1.0 yet! There's less that depends on it, so the need for compatibility is smaller.

    These are not signs that MS is dropping support for .Net is favor of Javascript. People really need to get off that wagon already.

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    @RBPotter: True story. Re .NET, please see Soma's perspectives on the topic (he runs the teams that make .NET...): https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2013/9-002

    And Habib Heydarian's perspective (he's a lead PM on the fully staffed .NET team...): https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2013/9-008

    We believe in the power of AND! (.NET AND HTML5 AND Native (C/C++)) Smiley


    PS: Anders remained on set to answer C#/Roslyn questions we couldn't get to in the allotted time. Huge thanks to Anders for spending quality time with us both live and recorded (right after the live segment). There should be no questions about what Anders is and will be up to re C# (besides specific feature work, which is not currently public information)...

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    Why TypeScript and Dart? Why don't Microsoft and Google and Mozilla work together to create a single web language for the sake of all?

    JavaScript fails to be a large-scale language at the first time, and extending it is not a good idea at all. It must be replaced by something new and better.

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    Anders, as always, does a great job of presenting. He makes complex concepts very approachable.

    I was hoping this session would deeply cover the changes for the .9 upgrade.  However I understand that there are a lot of folks new to TypeScript and don't have the context from last year's session.  Hopefully next year we'll see a 400 series talk on TypeScript.


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    "Why TypeScript and Dart? Why don't Microsoft and Google and Mozilla work together to create a single web language for the sake of all?"

    Answer: JavaScript. Both the tools you mention spit out plain old JavaScript.

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    next thing u know, u can run typescript on the server side. so comrades, what r u waiting for? :)

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    I switched from JavaScript to TypeScript for app development. I love it!

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