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With Visual Studio 2013 it just gets better when your IDE is connected. New roaming support, notifications and a new Visual Studio Updates experience means you get fixes and features sooner. Come see demonstrations that show off the many new productivity improvements, how Visual Studio takes understanding your code to the next level and other IDE features in the next version of Visual Studio.





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The Discussion

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    A decent C++11 support, and code formatting tools... this is all I want... Move one MS, C++14 is on the way!

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    Steve Marteney

    Cathy, please send cheat sheet you mentioned during presentation. @smarteney

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    Great new productivity enhancements. Thanks.

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    Awesome, thanks for listening to us Smiley !

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    Please could you post the shortcuts cheat sheet you mentioned in your presentation?

    Is the test explorer going to get any attention in VS2013?  In 2012 it is really hard to see what is going on and as such a worse user experience than 2010.


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    First they remove the colors and being an a-hole about it.
    Now they put just a tiny bit of color back but not fully because that would indirectly mean they are sorry.
    They take everything, then give back half or just a little?!
    Why do microsoft not listen to feedback from preview users?
    This sort of childish and petty behavior from a company is horrible.
    Visual studio's team's hurt ego is showing.

    Just give me back all my colors, damn it!
    Give the half-blind a high contrast theme. That's what it is for!

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    Any way I can get a copy of the cheat-sheet you mentioned in this session?     Would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!

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    Hi Folks - I'm working on getting the tips and tricks cheat sheet published. I'll update this location with the link once it's live. Stay tuned!

    Cathy Sullivan
    Visual Studio IDE Team

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    I installed 2013 preview, but I did not notice that there were so many new features. Well, it had a link to text page that listed What's New in VS 2013, but text cannot beat video.

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    I would have put the connected IDE in an add-in download install. The fact that it is integrated opens the door for the bad thought of one day requiring Internet access all the time in order to use Visual Studio. <br>

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    Cathy, at 11:45 in the video for the slide with title "The Connected IDE" I do not remember you demoed anything about 2nd & 3rd bullet point. Hope I did not misunderstand the slide otherwise

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    1) Cathy, at 35:27 in the video you said "You are NOT showing #1" item. Can you please let us know what that was & how to enable it?

    2) Cathy, in this video web-site if you (or your team) could also enable a Survey that let's us rate the features that would have been a value add too
    My 2 cents Smiley

    3) Cathy, in this video web-site the Quality of VIDEO is soo poor, wish the team takes care of that

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    The tips and tricks cheat sheet I mentioned in my talk can be found here:

    Visual Studio 2013 IDE Tips & Tricks


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    @prasannap, you can find information on the other CodeLens here: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/dn269218%28v=vs.120%29.aspx. In order to see the CodeLens I was not able to show, you need to use a project open that is checked into TFS.

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    You can find a survey here for the Visual Studio 2103 Preview release: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2013/07/15/visual-studio-2013-preview-survey.aspx. You can also use the smiley face in the upper right hand corner of the IDE to send a smile or a frown to the Visual Studio team.

    For your question about the Connected IDE slide, by signing into the IDE you are able to synchronize settings across your devices (#2) and this means you only need to invest in customizing your environment once and are up and running faster (#3).

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    Great talk, i look forward to working with 2013, thank you Cathy. The peek preview in particular is an awesome idea 😊 I also wish that I could hear some more about test improvements. we are having a lot of issues trying to move out of the test lists from VS2010 since they were deprecated in 2012, and I would like to know what can we expect in 2013 in terms of new features. Thank you
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    Can we roam snippets, too?

    Also I would like to disable the update message for specific addons where don't want newer versions. Can this be added?


    "Themes and Visual Design"

    Bring back the VS2010 Icons and not those ugly, flat "Metro" Icons. In VS2012 it is 1000 times harder to see what which Icons means!!!

    And NO, VS2013 doesn't look beautiful. It looks horrible and causes a headache after using it for 1 minute!


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    Just got through VS2012 and now VS2013 is about to be out. When it is going to stop.

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