ASP.NET Web API 2 – Web Services for Websites, Modern Apps, and Mobile Apps

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    Rob Gibbens

    Are there docs/examples of Oauth flow that you were showing? Specifically, authenticating on a mobile client (w/FB,Google,etc) and passing the token to a secured Web Api service?

    Also, can we secure only specific Web Api resources, or even Actions?

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    I have a question, what if my rest service is separate project and i have clients like MVC, desktop based that needs to consume the REST service (which is protected with OAuth of external providers). How to i send the bearer tokens from .NET application or from MVC 4 client application? Are there any utilities APIs that i can use to to fetch and construct the bearer token as part of HTTP auth headers?

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    Can we get the source code for the presentation?


    Also, I'd like to know the answer to what @sureshballa asked.



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    is he drunk ? i really hate his talking style...

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    web service " REST or SOAP"?

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    Martin Andersen

    This is excellent documentation well written.

    But I have to say that security is a tough topic and what I am missing right now is this.

    How can I build my own security server and how is the user registration flow when you are using a security server?

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