Building Windows Apps That Use Wi-Fi Direct

Play Building Windows Apps That Use Wi-Fi Direct
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The Discussion

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    Great presentation! 

    I thought WiFi Direct was just an Intel technology? - Will it work on an RT device as well?

    BTW Iterate is pronounced it-ur-rate

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    Mitch Denny

    I think you mean WiDi (Wireless Display).

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    10:31 - sh*t?

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    Sedrick Bouknight

    We need the wifi direct capability on windows phone 8 as well...
    That's a big ecosystem gap in terms of app/device communication
    XBoxOne|Win8|WP8|WinWatch all have to match up on the core elements - comm., storage, settings (managment), sensors, media, etc...

    Hopefully the reorg will help to get those lined up.

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    10:31 shows us this guy is like us. So glad that is in there. Hilarious.

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