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Using Geolocation and Geofencing in Windows Store Apps

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Windows 8.1 enables you to add new location aware scenarios to your Windows Store Apps. Here you will find information and a walkthrough of the Windows Geolocation API additions, the Geofencing APIs, and the new location background task type. Come see these demonstrated using an example app - location based reminders.

For more information, check out these courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

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  • Where can I get the Source Code Demo? Thanks You.


  • Cool

  • +1 Where is the source for the sample app shown in the video?

  • The source code for the demo app is not available at this time. The recommended method to learn more about Geolocation and Geofencing is with the Samples/Documentation:

    Thanks for watching!


  • Dan LDan L

    Nice presentation Jon. Can the Geo fences be set up and stored in the Cloud and maintained from "Central App" that the consumers only see and are notified of the fences if warranted? Kind of like a service dispatch scenario?

    Thanks - Dan

  • mukeshmukesh

    Is there any app available in stores which uses geofences ?

  • @JonkMSFT:

    Dan L - Geofences are easy to create and you can also query for the list of fences in the GeofenceMonitor for your app.  Using this information, you can store it accordingly (Cloud in your example) and even use it to re-create fences elsewhere. 

    Note that while Windows will notify your app when a Geofence is triggered, it is up to your app at that point to take necessary action.  That could be popping UI, making a web request, or in your example relaying the information to the Cloud service.



  • @mukesh: As of July 1st, 2013, no.  However, please review the sample apps for example usage -

    Samples for C#, C++, JS



  • eladelad

    Can you explain the difference between "Altitude from surface" and "Altitude from terrain"? The explanation in MSDN is difficult to understand.

    "The altitude reference system is based on the distance above surface structures such as buildings, trees, roads, etc."
    "The altitude reference system is based on the distance above surface structures such as buildings, trees, roads, etc."

    What does it mean altitude above trees?


  • @elad:Great question:

    Altitude Reference Systems

    A clearer way to think about this is that Terrain is essentially the natural ground whereas Surface starts at the top of the tallest item on that piece of ground.  To use the tree example, imagine a very tall tree in the forest - Terrain begins at the base of the tree, Surface begins at the top of the tree.



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