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Windows 8.1 makes it easy for you to create apps that control custom devices like robots, data sensors, and fitness devices, using the Universal Serial Bus (USB) industry standard. This session goes deep into the design of the new Windows Runtime USB API and walks you through the API and its functionality. It also reviews code to show you how best to discover and communicate with custom USB peripherals.





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The Discussion

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    Where can you buy the demo board?

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    I was REALLY disappointed at seeing NO MIDI included. I have an entire studio with lots of old MIDI devices. I use Cubase by Steinberg which is the premier MIDI application on the market, IMO.

    Justin Angel examined one of the "leaked" builds and it showed MIDI being included in the USB API ( yet it appears MIDI is not going to be included in WinRT.

    MIDI may be old, but is still going strong. Roland, Yamaha and KORG are making MIDI devices like never before. Even the VSTi vendors are turning hardware with MIDI capabilities. I think a market like this warrants the inclusion of MIDI into RT.

    There currently is no viable alternative to MIDI, which can unite hardware devices with each other and software devices.

    Put MIDI into RT, p-p-p-please! :)

    Thank you for listening, Rob.

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    The links to get these devices are found on other MSDN pages. I've copied them here:

    OSR USB FX2:

    Thanks for watching and commenting!

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    Hi, will this enable GPS via legacy (external) devices (USB or BT), via reading NMEA strings?


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    This is API are used only for Windows8.1?
    wt about windows Phone os?

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    El Bruno

    Really great Stuff !!!

    I'll test is asap with some arduinos and usb  missile rocket launcher ! Wink

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    @PhilipRies where can we purchase USB/RS485 ( serial ) devices that support Win8.1 and the new USB APIs?  My company uses FTDI products a good bit and they have replied that they are not able to support WinRT because Microsoft will not allow them to use their drivers.  Apparently they don't use WinUsb, so we need to know what devices can be a substitute.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Imre Nuijen

    Is there a way to use a USB device with a ASP.NET page in combination with SignalR using features in Windows 8.1?

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    Please let us know which USB -> RS232 you guys used.
    No support at all...

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