Windows Runtime Internals: Understanding the Threading Model

Play Windows Runtime Internals: Understanding the Threading Model

The Discussion

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    Martyn, I made a point of not going to the party the night before, so I could handle the threads in the morning Smiley The chocolates was a nice touch, though Smiley


    Very informative and well-paced talk. Thanks for the depth and breadth of the information presented. This talk is an obvious proof that management positions don't necessarily require a lobotomy <g>





    p.s. my first MSFT conference was in 1993 as well, but in San Francisco and it was focused on the graphics (WinG). Ah, the memories Smiley

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    @zxtt:Thanks! I think the party might have been more fun than the talk Smiley The fun thing about running the WinRT team is that I get to be involved with these issues at this layer of the system. WinG brings back memories.

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