Making Your Desktop Apps Shine on High- DPI Displays

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    So MS is leaving Winforms developers out in the cold ? Winforms (GDI+) was THE UI technology you promoted for 8 years, guys. Literally tens of thousands (if not more) of LOB apps have been written over the years and are still fully supported by ISVs all over the world ! Nobody has the time or money to rewrite these apps. Please show some love !

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    why this guy spent 3 mins talk about what he did in past 18 years, who cares?

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    Is the manifest value actually "True/PM", or do you mean two dpi aware XML nodes to stay compatible with both?

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    @Sdk:It is actually "True/PM", a single manifest declaration which is interpreted appropriately on 8.1 versus downlevel.

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    When is the WPF sample going to be available? Or better yet, why is handling this not built into .NET 4.5.1, since WPF is already System DPI aware?

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