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Windows XAML and modern app design with Tim Heuer and Chris Anderson





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Channel 9 Live







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    I'm disappointed by there being no mention of WPF or desktop applications in either the session or in the following Q&A done by Channel 9. I can understand being left out of the session but not being asked during the Q & A is an oversight. There was a question about WPF that was asked earlier during a different session of Channel 9 live and was specifically addressed as being a better question for this one, but it was never asked.

    Is there going to be continuing support for WPF desktop applications or is development that can utilize what's new in XAML only available to Windows Store Apps?

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    WPF? What about Silverlight?

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    I too was and am disappointed with the comments and questions put forth by these technology leaders. I did ask a question in the WinRT and WinApp segment that I did think was a good question for both XAML and WinRT App experts. I spent a lot of time learning WPF and Pixelsense technologies and I do understand that through innovation we need to learn new things and new ways to do old things. I need clear direction where these technology stacks are going so that I can do a good job of investing my time and energy.

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    Can we just agree that claiming CLR is faster than native code is just naive? In the end CLR has also to emit cpu instructions. There is no way, that a optimized native program is slower than a CLR application. Please stop spreading this kind of stuff. Managed code is good for a lot of things but this doesn't mean you have to denote other developers. We don't use native code because we are stupid or insane. Quite frankly, somebody has to do the hard stuff (CLR is written in native code) - even in this age.

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    Boris Letocha

    @Thorsten: There are 2 cases where "managed" code is faster than native. GC and JIT. Because you don't have that much time to implement these 2 things better over .Net developers. And if you already worked on any big project you probably already implemented your scripting language, so you know how much you would benefit from fast JIT and GC.
    Thread safe reference counting is slow too and is hard to write large code without it.
    Also dynamically generated code in runtime could be huge boost.

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