Anders Hejlsberg Q&A: TypeScript, C#, Roslyn, and More

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Microsoft Technical Fellow and programming language designer extraordinaire, Anders Hejlsberg, joins us on set to discuss and take questions from a live virtual audience topics like TypeScript, C#, Roslyn, and more. Kudos to Anders for sticking around to discuss what he and team are up to for C# (it's an evolving language....) and Roslyn (compiler as a service project). We never seem to have enough time with Anders. Thanks to all of you for the excellent questions. We tried to get to all of them, but that's hard to do without forcing the expert on set to only spend 30 seconds per answer (we won't do that...). Tune in.





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The Discussion

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    C# jeeee!!!


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    Live was interrupted by next presentation, hope there will be full record.

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    @ccik: definitely will be the full recording 

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    Angus Cheng

    These videos are too high quality. I'm having a lot of streaming problems.

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    Anders referenced "jslinq" when discussing LINQ. Was he referring to the open source project? That's my project; thanks Anders!

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    dot in json object using dynamic, yes, pretty nasty to do right now

    I am excited that you mentioned it, I hope to see something really cool on C# 6

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    When you interview don't respond to him with "that's great. yea awesome"..... it was pretty obvious he wanted to shut him up so he could read off his next question. Somebody get rid of this fool.

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    @Wow: The point of C9 Live is to get as many questions answered as possible. The job of the moderator is to ensure that happens...
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    Honestly... Anders seems to look more happy working with Typescript (JavaScript) than being put under so much pressure as the father of C# and .NET non-stop.  Unless BUILD was just THAT good there's no other way to seem that stoked.

    He seems to be having fun again instead of needing to be so serious and boring and safe like in such a military grade C# implementation.  So this seems waaaay more healthy for the old fella, to put some spring back in his step.

    What I'd like to see is similar in nature to TS's type definition file, but be more generic/js-engine agnostic so you could feed it to a JS engine so near-perfect type information can be fed to Chakra to specialize the compiled code if possible so it emits a near-perfect high-perf compiled version that the actual code can then use as a prepared, now specialized run-time ready to rock whenever the code actually does run. Sure JS is dynamic but helping the compiler do it's job when it's not required can't be bad, its just being compiler friendly if it does add any value or benefit. Whenever it finally happens you can almost enforce run-time security when JS engines support function freezing in the VM since the templated types can have the freeze keywords where we intended them to be, helping the run time code stay unmodified and for its coded intention only.

    Good to see this since I apparently missed it... and I can't wait to get some more juicy brain-food a-la-Charles.

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    Painful typo...

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    @Yikes:Simple mistake. We can fix that. Thanks for noticing!


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    We seriously need a quarterly "Ask Anders" show...

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    @Salfurium: Only quarterly?

    No, we need bi-monthly, I say. I think Anders has the most interesting stuff to say of all the people of Channel9 and has been that since the very beginning of Channel9. Pure genious!

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    Charles, what about a C# behind closed doors show? Where we get to meet the real C# team and see how they work. You know, it would be like that show about the Beatles where they tried to capture them making music on camera and all the got was fighting and unnatural behaviour? Tongue Out

    But seriously, more Anders! c'mon!

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    I say in addition to Anders..... more Bart de Smet!  It's time for another visit with Bart!

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    Thanks for the update, good to know Roslyn is coming along, looking forward to that!

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    Jagadish Sahu

    well !! It all appeared to be fantastic. I'LL wait for the release

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    Drew Noakes

    @BrunoLM, check out this alternative approach to dotting into JSON objects via C# dynamic:

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