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    Was there ever any follow up on the SIMD support (a la Mono.Simd) for .NET proper (see ~19mins)?

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    Great talk. Additionally to the SIMD question above, i'd add: is Msft going to develop a common compiler for C++/C#? NGen is nice but not optimized for the whole code, just for startup one.

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    Having a common compiler for C# & C++ doesn't make any sense.
    They are very different languages; the bloatness of C++ better be kept out of .Net.

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    @Yaakov: Who said that there should be a common compiler? We talked about C# compiler being written in C++ (but not anymore). Was that it? Can you think of any programming languages that are fundamentally different that have the same compiler?

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    At this moment it is possible to create collectible assemblies only by using System.Reflection.Emit.
    Are there any plans for development of collectible assemblies directly from source code in the same way as other .net assemblies?

    Collectible assemblies are important in the development of dynamic applications.

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