What's New in WinJS: The Road Ahead

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The Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS) is the framework for making Windows-style user experiences that look, feel, and work great not only for Windows, but also now for Windows Phone and soon beyond. This talk will provide an overview of the new capabilities, controls, and other features available to you in version 2.1. We'll also cover how you can use WinJS alongside other popular js libraries to create your apps, and the frameworks future direction as we bring it to web apps more broadly. This is a must-see session is for all developers interested in creating apps using HTML and JavaScript.






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The Discussion

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    Jake Posen

    Great talk! Informative and inspiring.

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    Paul, you are awesome.

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    Will Microsoft make the Segoe UI font family free too?

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    Paul, will there be any guidance released for how you took a WinJS project and installed it on your Ipad using the Apache Cordova stuff?  I would really like to see a demo that takes you from WinJS in Visual Studio to publishing and running on Ipad. Thanks!

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    I'd love to see a deep dive on how to integrate WinJS and AngularJS in a LOB application.  I'd love to bring the Win8 UI to other devices.

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    @jolleekin, at this time we're not making the whole Segoe UI font family freely available.  For now you'll need to either pick an alternative font that's available across all your target platforms - possibly a web font - or rely on the fallbacks to other fonts for targets that don't have the Segoe UI font family.  We are actively exploring solutions for a few things related to this, howver, including the font glyphs used in controls like the app bar.  Stay tuned on the WinJS GitHub project for updates there.

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    @eweiss1979, thanks that's a great suggestion.  Stay tuned. :)

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    @bap, thanks for the suggestion. You might find the Angular / WinJS adapter I showed in my session helpful here as one tool.  We'll definitely look at having more sessions / materials to dive deeper onto this topic in the future given the interest.

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