Developing Apps using the Common XAML UI Framework

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    I certainly hope they include a roadmap on WPF in this discussion.

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    @LoudKen: Are you concerned with WPF being phased out for XAML apps?

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    WPF being phased out - isn't that the route they're going, if you read the signs of the time? I just went through the session list of this Build, and there's not a single one about WPF development except for a panel discussion (see here). WPF is like dead in the water for at least two years. No words on its future, improvements, if they plan to let it take advantage of the native XAML stack etc. I hope there'll be some folks asking the right questions...

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    @sevenacids: I am considering attending this session or the discussion panel. If I do, I'll ask about this. I've seen a couple people ask about this on reddit, and it's undoubtedly important.

    OTOH, WPF is pretty important so, if it's changing, all of us will likely hear about it.

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    Jeff Lewis

    aaronholmes - You mean like we heard about it when Metro was announced and all they were talking about was C++ and HTML/JS? How they kept saying "Wait until September" and we realised that they had actually not considered .Net at all until the last minute and left us with not only yet another architecture - but one where there are more facilities for JavaScript than C#? (Like the entire messy ink canvas objects...)

    Sorry - I'm completely in the 'Show me' state now...

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    , sevenacids wrote

    WPF being phased out - isn't that the route they're going, ... No words on its future, improvements, if they plan to let it take advantage of the native XAML stack etc. I hope there'll be some folks asking the right questions...

    Desktop apps are still desktop apps, and so are Windows Store apps. Both apps are very different in nature in the sense that they must exist and coexist in a Windows platform.

    That way, I'd rather have WPF rewritten and integrated into WinRT in the future.

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    I hold My breadh and wait  comon XAML  Come on  Come on  :D

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    * it's about:
    Windows Store Apps
    Windows Phone
    Visual Studio

    no signs of wpf!

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    It's really time for WPF news.

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    Hi guys, I can confirm that WPF is not dead.

    On Feb 11 2014 Colin Melia @colinizer  (Microsoft MSDN Regional Director) wrote on Twtitter:

    "It's official. Microsoft has a team working on the next version of #wpf!!"

    When we asked for the source he replied:

    "@gsantopaolo conference call today with Microsoft gave explicit permission to announce the fact that a team is doing WPF planning."



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    No WPF Sessions yet again.
    Call it build and they will come , LOL
    Windows phone == fail < 4% market share !
    Metro/Modern/Store == epic fail, tick tack toe?, tip calculator,etc
    RT = lol
    WPF making gains despite sabotage by Microsoft!
    search for WPF on MSDN and you see all post stop in OCT 2010,
    I have yet to hear a single reason why.
    without .Net/WPF/Silverlight MS has nothing of value to us.
    look like it may be time to start looking for alternatives!

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    Can MS now take the Universal platform to the next level and develop emulators for the competative platforms, based on the same dev. experience now introduced. Could this be a closer co-operation to a platform like Xamiran ?
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    To Dave: mvc is great. It is .net and HTML

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    Sure it's nice to have this common XAML framework now for mobile, but I'm still not convinced that "apps" will be the answer to all scenarios in the future. Maybe for consumers, but I don't see them fit for professional use cases and tools that require a deeper level of system access or extensibility. Sandboxing just ain't suitable for that. As of today, the platform actively prevents third-parties from building competitive browsers because they cannot benefit from JIT-compiled JavaScript, and an application like Visual Studio wouldn't be possible without removing one of its key strength that allows for third-party extensions.

    I really hope when they are finished with the mobile obsession and made that platform solid, they'll find some time to spend on the desktop side of things again.

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    I still think this is really a joke.
    It can't be for real.
    Is really Apple now the only company supporting desktop development?

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    You should know that with this update, there is some steps made that makes XAML apps much much more powerful for Desktop/Business Scenarios. First is that they can run windowed/or snapped like before. Second, sideloaded apps get full access to desktop apis using some kind of brokered process, but still pretty seamless for developers. Third is the sideloading deployment is now much easier.

    so i personally don't really see the need for WPF anymore(which is still supported and works pretty well), because there is now FULL desktop support actually. You just have to gather your informations. See:

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    Johan Visser

    We need WPF for the next 10 years at least.
    Working at a company that creates software for local government departments, we are restricted by their pace to upgrade to new environments.

    At this moment we have to explain to our angry customers that dropping support on Windows XP is not our fault.

    And almost all our customers will upgrade to Windows 7 and expect to be able to use that for the next 8 to 10 years.
    None of our customers see the need for touch enabled devices.

    So, we need WPF and a continuing development in the framework.
    But I am afraid that Microsoft is moving ahead and has no interest in supporting 'legacy' software. (anything older than 1 year)

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    can we have something like razor in wpf
    it will speed development

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    dx12/wpf questions ... airgap , shell integration and real api exposure , flip3d , chrome , multiscreen and desktops
    I understand it was important for microsoft to go on a diet for mobile , but you see how much of a thud that made on the desktop . nobody wants to spend thousands on 295s and titan z's to look at a 4k screen of color clashing tiles

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    Dean Chalk

    As a long serving WPF developer, I can say that Windows RT is often completely inappropriate for full desktop development. The low information density and touch-first user interface components make it a complete non-starter. I've work with traders that use 6 monitors at once, all filled to the max with tightly packed data and charts. Metro applications will NEVER come to this environment. So banks are currently and actively looking at the alternatives. Banks always look 5 years ahead as they have to start now for anything happening in 5 years time. There's a big question mark over WPF (and Microsoft client technologies in general). So if they decide to move elsewhere in 5 years they are making that decision now. It doesn't take much to return desktop development to the first-class status it deserves, so Microsoft should do this as a matter of urgency, or become an also-ran in client software and hope azure pays all the bills.

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    @Dean Chalk: I don't think that is true, Microsoft really wants their New win RT to be the best, they are investing a lot to it, for example Microsoft was suppose to make windows better by making it similar to the easier and better Silverlight but they made Windows Phone coding experience worse by making it similar to the Windows Runtime. Its kind of weird because now most of the things are much more harder, This shows that Microsoft is not going to ditch Win RT

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    I am sorry about these boring and bloated MS talks - havent the time and the passion. The first 6 minutes are "hot air" and have to be cut out. Like XAML. (Compare to xib)

    I strongly recommand this people to watch some WWDC videos to learn better and faster presenting.


    It is no wonder that Windows 8 isnt a succees.

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