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Windows Phone 8.1 will be easier to deploy in enterprises and Windows S14 update contains some critical enterprise improvements. This session provides everything you need to know about the new Windows Phone 8.1 enterprise features and MDM policies. We’ll also provide a quick overview of what’s new in S14.  To round out the session we’ll do a couple of Windows Phone demo to make the feature descriptions come alive.






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The Discussion

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    Still missing such a basic feature as call duration in the call history, as suggested in two feature requests in the Windows Phone Uservoice portal.

    Is call duration missing also in the developer API or it's juste the default call log application which does not show it?

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    I meant that call duration is currently hidden in the details if you tap and hold your finger on a history record, and the calls are neatly grouped by number. Thanks for that. But it would be much easier if the duration of the last call would be displayed right under the number following the gray text with the date of the call - there is enough room for that.

    Also, it's too easy to accidentally call the person from the call log by shortly tapping it instead of a long press. They should have left that round call button for making calls from the history log, as it currently is on WP8.

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