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We’ve been doing a lot of work with new converged XAML app support on Windows Phone 8.1, but what about legacy Windows Phone Silverlight XAML based apps?  Come learn about all the new features we’ve enabled with Silverlight 8.1.  We’ll walk through creating new Silverlight 8.1 apps, upgrading existing Silverlight 8.0 apps and adding new features introduced in our converged XAML app framework.  There’s also some app model differences between Silverlight 8.0 and 8.1 apps as well as a few upgrade breaking changes to be aware of when moving your app forward.






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The Discussion

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    Why do we keep calling this a Silverlight Platform. Why not call it XAML Phone.

    Its an insult to all us Silverlight(Web) developers who invested into Silverlight(Web) for Rich Line of Business Applications, before we were left hanging out to die by Microsoft.

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    Because we now have two separate Ui platforms on Windows Phone:

    Silverlight XAML apps and just XAML apps.

    Silverlight is the legacy tech.

    And then there's also universal apps... It's going to be a mess, but I think it's no surprise it came to this and probably the best thing they could do.

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    its not Silverlight , now that sinoffski & ballmer why cant you spend a few bucks on real silverlight 6 and WPF instead of all the terrible TV Ads, honestly ? looks like build 2014 is just more of the same failed idea's , azure may be a billion dollar business but it's a 300 billion dollar industry get a clue!

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    Hannes Preishuber

    a few bucks on SL 6 (ARM , 8.1 ..) would help a lot of People much!

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    Alex O

    Second the opinion about SL6 - this is a platform that we need for all our LOB work. I do not care for Windows Phone or XAML Applications in Windows 8.1.
    Give me a break - Microsoft has totally missed the target on this one

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    I so agree with Alex O. MS is so focused on horizontal application dev, that they threw out the baby with the bath water. LOB apps are NOT built with HTML5 and Javascript!
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    I don't understand. Browser vendors have made it very clear they don't want to support Silverlight, so what browsers do you plan to run your apps on?  Only older ones with security issues?

    Silverlight was making great strides towards being a better ClickOnce and one of the most compact implementations of .NET (ironically they stumbled into something fast, small, and better for business than the projects specifically meant to produce a compact framework).  If you need it for internal deployment to desktop, then I agree with you.  

    If you are talking about Internet deployment, the Internet doesn't want it... more importantly, Apple made sure to refuse plugins and eventually made everyone else go the same approach.  It is what it is.

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    First kill XNA, now Silverlight... this is a bullshit for developers. Now I have to think very well if I want to stay in winPhone or go away.

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    WCF service are also in Silverlight only

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    I just want Silverlight 6

    I just want Silverlight 6!
    I just want Silverlight 6!
    I just want Silverlight 6!
    I just want Silverlight 6!

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    @onefirebutton: Silverlight Phone apps are definitely not being killed, we added tons of support in Windows Phone 8.1 for Silverlight 8.1 apps and that's what this talk is about.



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