Multitasking and Triggered Background Tasks for Windows Phone Apps

Play Multitasking and Triggered Background Tasks for Windows Phone Apps

The Discussion

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    Shashank Sundar

    Hi Build conference,
    I just want to highlight a point on windows phone background tasks to be worked, certain apps such as Whatsapp doesn't support downloading videos when the phone gets locked.
    Please work on this because system apps support background downloading of apps even when the phone is locked but not with third party apps.
    Secondly, no indication of sound or light indication for battery full indication in windows phones, we have to wait or frequently check the screen to know the status of the battery. If we get unnoticed of the battery full i think it might cause overcharging & decrease battery life.

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    I have a question, Is it anyway to hook to an "Action Center" trigger/event? The purpose is write a background task app to be able to forward the notification that is received by Action/Notification Center to an BLE smart device like a smart watch. Thanks.

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    The talk was good but the presenter need seriously work in his presentation skills:

    1 - Do not do suck sounds at every phrase start.
    2 - Do not say "ahm" every 3 words.
    3 - Do not make the "tsh tsh tshhhhhh" sound everytime you use the computer.

    It is almost impossible to watch, so annoying.

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    hi,where i can download this demo code ???

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