Building Great Bluetooth Apps for Windows Phone

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Windows Phone 8.1 builds on the Bluetooth LE APIs for Windows 8.1 and has extended them to enable exciting new scenarios such as fitness and “find my keys”.  In this discussion, we’ll highlight some of those scenarios and provide guidance on how to use new APIs for background agents and triggers.

For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:






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The Discussion

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    Gary Gaebel

    Thanks for the good introduction to build Bluetooth apps.

    Is the source code for the KeepTheKeys app available for download somewhere?

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    Edward C

    Great presentation, would you mind to share the code as well? thanks!

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    is the code available for download?

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    Kiran Pathakota

    Here's the link to the code.

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    Gary Gaebel

    Thank you!

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    Dean F

    Is Bluetooth LE available on the Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview? Can you guys get the sample code to work with a beacon?

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    Viraj Shah

    Is it possible without pairing, means is it possible to connect to BLE without pairing in Windows Phone 8.1? Thanks!

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    Oscar Zarate

    Hi Jim, Vijay

    I've got the same question than Viraj. Is it possible to connect to a BLE device without pairing the device beforehand?
    I know in IOS and Android it's possible.


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    david Tu

    Is Bluetooth LE available on the Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview?

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    Is Bluetooth v.4 LE available on the Windows Phone 8.1 Update developer preview (v. 8.10.14157.200)?

    I am trying to pair the Heart Rate Monitor of Adidas micoach, but my Nokia Lumia 928 does not even find it in the Settings -> Bluetooth.

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    Christian Jacob

    I second that, Oscar and Viraj.

    ATM, WP81 does not support pairingless connections. This is very frutrating!

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