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Windows and Windows Phone have a converged notification platform and development model starting in Windows Phone 8.1.  Come learn what the converged platform means for your existing apps and how to take advantage of the new platform and great new features shared with Windows.  You’ll learn about WNS including push and local notifications and about the brand new Action Center and its associated programming model.  This session in conjunction with the Live Tiles session will give you everything you need to know about notifications for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps.






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    Fantastic News!  It will be nice to have my embedded device work with just one service to communicate with phones and tablets.  One question though.  Embedded devices don't typically have the capacity to do HTTPS.  The MPNS had an HTTP endpoint with a 500 message daily limit.  Since WNS will be doing double duty (for phone and tablet), can I assume that WNS will support a similar unencrypted endpoint?  This is very important for IoT. 

    Also, it will be nice to have Tile timeouts added to Windows Phone.  I need to know that the tile I am looking at it fresh/current. 

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    Is the desired behavior when i disable an app in the battery saver and the phone stops to receive the push notifications for that app?

    If yes i don't think that this is a good thing, becouse i may want to disable the background agent of that app but, at the same time i may want to continue to recieve the push notifications.

    A practical example is the Onefootball that provide live result of soccer's game and use push notifications for delivery the notification of the results and use a background agent to update its live tile with last news.

    I don't want the update for the last news, i want only the notifications when a result changes, so i want to disable the background agent to reduce battery consuption.
    There is a good number of apps where i may want to do this but,with Windows Phone 8.0 i'm able to do this, in WP8.1 no

    I don't want the update for the last news i want only the notifications when a result change, so i want to disable the background agent to reduce battery consuption

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    Jorge Rastrom

    You can find the sample used in the talk here:

    1. Client Sample:

    2. Azure Sample:



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