Deploying and Managing Enterprise Apps

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Learn how companies can publish their Line of Business apps for deployment to Windows and Windows Phone, and then manage the lifecycles of those apps.  The two platforms haven’t yet converged on a single mechanism for doing this, and this session will help navigate the differences.  This session will provide overviews of each platform as well as what’s new for 8.1, including policy allowing only certain apps to run on Windows Phone, the ability to remotely install and uninstall apps from a Windows Phone, changes to sideloading and sideloaded apps in Windows 8.1, and more.  Also see how MDM vendors such as Windows Intune choose to abstract many of the differences and service both platforms in a unified way.






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The Discussion

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    whos would ever write a metro enterprise app ?
    what about WPF!

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    With InstallShield, you can build a traditional wizard driven installation to sideload Windows Store apps to your enterprise customers.  Much like Microsoft does with Internet Explorer, you can easily deliver both a Windows Store app and a tradition Desktop app together.  The familiar installation experience makes a great way to deliver custom enterprise apps straight to your customers.

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    Will this session cover upgrading ground application hosted as Windows service?

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    RT does not provide enough business value for me to pay Microsoft for a key for an application which I am building myself installing on my machine for my employee. I will keep writing WPF and web application. or I might just move completely to web and start buying chrome books! Yuk! I stopped the video after the pricing part.

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