Modern Camera and Imaging Apps in Windows and Windows Phone

Play Modern Camera and Imaging Apps in Windows and Windows Phone
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Learn how to build XAML/C# camera and photos apps for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1. This session includes rich demos of the Windows.Media.Capture API and advanced image processing techniques, including HDR.






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    Great presentation.  I am developing a simple camera app for the 520 and I'm excited about the new Windows.Media.Capture namespace.  I want to show the user a live preview, but I want to draw a circle on the screen that has a specific field of view (say, 12 degrees).  Then they can put the subject directly in the circle.

    I believe WriteableBitmapEx will get me the circle I want, but I don't know how big to make it.  Seems like I'd have to know the field of view of the lens and work from there.

    Do you know of any resources that might help with this?  I've tried the forums, but the search capabilities aren't the best. 

    Thanks in advance.  I'm also a big fan of MVVM Light.  I understand Laurent works at IdentityMine, too.  Must be a good company to have both of you guys.

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    @nhwilly:Thanks. I saw you posted the same comment also on my blog post (which is fine). Let's discuss there.

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    Hi.Nice blog.
    I have a question that how do i implement the preview to Portrait and the capture image also Portrait ? i want the preview can Portrait full screen like system camera .(window phone 8.1)

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    When i test the app its start the frontfaceing camera, when i take a pic or record a video. How can i change that?

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