Building Geo-Aware Apps with Maps and Geofencing

Play Building Geo-Aware Apps with Maps and Geofencing
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Do you want to enhance your phone app with maps - add data to customize your maps, provide routing, or traffic information? Do you want to make your app experience contextual to where the user is located, even when your app is not running? If that is the case, this session is for you.We will provide practical guidance on how to use mapping and geofencing APIs to make all this happen. Our new geofence-based triggers allow you to be notified of timely location-based actions without the worry of excessive battery drain. The geofencing APIs are common to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, but we will talk about the platform specific differences.






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The Discussion

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    Hey Cristina and Mike,

    Thanks for the session. Geofencing opens lots of ideas for me :)

    I wanted to hear if it was possible to download the code from the session?

    I downloaded some other sample code but unfortunately I did not manage to make it work on the WP emulator. The events don't seem to raise correctly. So I wanted to try with your demo (that is much better than the sample that I found) and see if it works.




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    Hi Laurent,

    Mike and I got several requests to share the demo code, so we will be sharing it shortly. Please give us a few days to add additional comments to it, and to get the code reviewed and approved. Together with the demo code we will share a couple of test routes.

    We are also working on a blog post to share tricks to use the emulator and the location tool. It has several limitations so I recommend to use it only to validate that your code receives the events. The emulator runs the same geofence software tracking engine as the device. Unfortunately due to a variety of factors the tracking works a lot better on the real devices than in the emulator.

    Some tips that may be helpful.

    - Always use the Route mode.

    - It is important to run a simulation in a similar way to what the phone would encounter in real life. so always start the simulation in the location tool before your code starts the tracking of geofences. Failure to do so may inject into the geofence tracking engine an initial location that may be far away from your fences, in which case it there will be a large back-off for the tracking (eg: the engine would not expect a phone to move instantly from New York to Chicago, and thus will back-off the polling to minimize power usage). 

    - The tracking engine needs a warm up period for the learning which was not practical for quick code validations. It also counts on signals present in real devices to detect movement which not available on emulator. Due to this we had to introduce due to these some fake signals which can trigger the power usage control soon. Thus I recommend to do validations for just  a few minutes.

    Hopefully this helps for now. In future releases we are considering some modifications to make the emulations for software development easier.

    We will try to get the reviewed demo code and sample route as soon as possible.


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    Hi Cristina and Mike,

    great project, i'm eager to download it :)


    Many thanks


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    Please provide the sample code for better understanding!

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    @cdelamo: Hi Cristina,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I understand a bit better now why my test was not working well :)

    I will try to use your recommendations and hopefully I can move on with my implementation.

    I am looking forward to getting the code of the demo :)


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    Actually, gMaps ( supports both ms-drive-to and ms-walk-to protocols :)


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    Great presentation - best of the build conference IMHO.

    It has me pumped to try it out for myself, so please let us know when the source code will be available. Tried some stuff for myself, but, can't find documentation on Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Maps... has anyone found any?

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    This session was great.  Please make the code available as soon as you can.


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    Hi Pat,

    The initial maps documentation can be found here -

    We are working on further documentation and getting the demo code published as soon as we can.



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    @momalley: I look forward to it! Great session.

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    Hi Cristina and Mike,

    any news on the code? In a few days this conversation will be closed by the admins due to 30 days from the event :(

    Many thanks


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    I like the session -- but hate the lack of detail in the slides. There's a "Windows Phone Store app Map Control" (slide 16) -- great, but there's a bunch of "map controls" mentioned in MSDN, and most are obsolete. Which *exact* map control are you talking about? If you had mentioned the name space, I could actually find it.

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    @momalley: Nice meet you. Thank You

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    @LaurentL:hi Laurent and mike,

    Great session you had presented, I also would like to take a look at the sample code, any news when we could see, the code and your tips on the blog?


    thanks in advance, I wish you both had much time on that session. 

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