Integrating Your App into the Windows Phone Speech Experience

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The Windows Phone Speech APIs help you integrate your app into Windows Phone's system-wide speech and natural language user experience. In this session we’ll demonstrate how you can extend the phone’s experience allowing users to launch YOUR APP by voice or text using free-form natural language commands. We will also look at how to enable voice-based conversational dialog interactions with users after your app has been launched, summarizing what’s different in the Windows Phone speech APIs.






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The Discussion

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    Hi, is there any simple way to perform speech-to-text from audio captured and stored on the device? My existing phone and Windows apps record sentence sized snippets of audio and it would be nice to pre-fill a text box with the interpreted text rather than have them type the very same sentence they recorded.

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    Hello Jared,

    Avery (AKA Silverback, and one of the speakers in this session) here. Thanks for the query.

    Unfortunately no, there is no way to recognize against an audio file using either the Silverlight or Window runtime APIs at this time. However, thanks for letting us know that you would like this capability. We'll consider it in our plans for the future.

    F Avery Bishop

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    Hello again everyone, Avery (one of the speakers) here.

    I just wanted to let you know that I found a bug in some of the downloadable ppt slides. Specifically slides 53-55 contain the following in-line code comment:

    // Calling code uses result.RecognitionResult.Text or
    // result.RecognitionResult.SemanticInterpretation

    This is not correct. It should read

    // Calling code uses result.Text or result.SemanticInterpretation

    The incorrect comments were due to a copy/paste error from the Silverlight samples when I made the slides.

    Happy coding!

    F Avery Bishop

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    Thanks for responding. Whilst it may only be a subtle difference, saving the audio stream used in a request for speech-to-text would also satisfy my requirements.

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    PhraseTopic does not seem to be defined in the VoiceCommandDefinition xml schema? Am i missing something? Silverlight wp 8.1

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    I have a 8.0 silverlight app that works fine with voice commands. When running this app on 8.1, Cortana always try to transform my app name (that is my command prefix) into real words (and my app name is a mix of 2 real words - so it is not a real, existing word (like flixster)). How can I make cortana understand that what I am saying is my app name, or that she should understand that new word?

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    I want clear and full vedio
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    I just played around with the integration (I'd like to use it for my app) and it just doesn't work for me.

    I tries the MSDN Voice Search and when I say for example "MSDN find pick up laundry", Cortana saves a note. "MSDN do homework" saves a note too.

    I know that that isn't what you'd search for in MSDN, but in my app (a Todoist client) that's what I need. Is this the intended behavior and if so, can I somehow turn it if the command prefix is my app's prefix?

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    Cortana controls my home appliances


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