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The Discussion

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    How much of the WPF 6 will be covered?

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    Any news concerning WPF?

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    Hopefully news on WPF. We really need investments in WPF. We're not interested in Windows Store Apps.

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    Yeah, can't wait to hear in this talk about how, as part of "universal applications", that Microsoft is bringing the ability to combine XAML, native code and Direct2D development to desktop application developers just like Metro/Modern/Store app developers have had for a while now.

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    Why would I want to watch the "Windows Store Apps" course on Virtual Academy for more information about DESKTOP platform advancements?

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    Is winforms completely dead?

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    Hi Steve! Interesting Session.

    Are they any plans to "metro-fy" the user interface on the desktop, you're going from a clean modern style environments to the old desktop interface which receiving a bit of a face lift, I love the new improvements but there is a lot of design inconsistently in the desktop and while some apps have been metro-fied, the old Zune and Office 2013, other apps remain unchanged and a lot of stuff from older versions of the system?

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    Where is the stuff on WPF?

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    Where can I find the document on High DPI test using remote desktop which Steve mentioned on at the conference? He said it will be uploaded in a month... 

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    So I was impressed by this session. I came back to my office and told my project manager that we need to focus on touch support since so many new Windows devices are coming out that have touch interfaces. My project manager didn't agree. He feels that touch is a niche feature.

    Is there a source you can recommend that I could refer him to that would give some real numbers as to how many new devices support touch or expected size/growth?

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