XAML Platform Leadership Team: A Panel Discussion

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The Discussion

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    Modern/Store/Metro is flop what about WPF ?

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    WPF, more information, please!!!

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    WPF news please!

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    Hi guys, I can confirm that WPF is not dead.

    On Feb 11 2014 Colin Melia @colinizer  (Microsoft MSDN Regional Director) wrote on Twtitter:

    "It's official. Microsoft has a team working on the next version of #wpf!!"

    When we asked for the source he replied:

    "@gsantopaolo conference call today with Microsoft gave explicit permission to announce the fact that a team is doing WPF planning."



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    For this kind of session why don't you show the actual footage of the people bigger than the presentation?

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    Why don't you swat the video and the slides?

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