Play Windows Desktop Development: A Panel Discussion

The Discussion

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    Please ask them about the future of WPF - I guess there are a lot of people out there who like to know and deserve an answer to this question.

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    I would like to hear more about the future of WPF as well.

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    Whats the deal with WPF

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    Please let us know the future of WPF. But remember, if HTML5 wins - there is no point using Windows and Visual Studio any more - plenty of OSS choices.

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    Possibility of using WinRT Custom Component in Desktop app.

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    ask for me about the future of WPF!!

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    wow, this is the only session that mentions WPF!
    windows phone is flop
    windows 8 is flop
    HTML5 is weak
    someone should reuse their soccer skills on someones a$$

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    Yeah, can't wait to hear in this talk about how, as part of "universal applications", that Microsoft is bringing the ability to combine XAML, native code and Direct2D development to desktop application developers just like Metro/Modern/Store app developers have had for a while now.

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    It seems like what "Universal Windows App" means for desktop applications is the ability to rewrite your desktop application as a Metro/Modern/Windows8/Store app that runs in a single window that nobody wants. For line-of-business apps, maybe that makes sense, but line-of-business apps have always been toy database apps anyway. Are line-of-business apps the only desktop apps that Microsoft cares to discuss anymore?

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    Is Microsoft going to stop selling a desktop version of Microsoft Office? If not, can you understand why the rest of us also need a desktop development platform that is continuing to evolve and not one that has been stagnant for 3 years and counting?

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    @hopeful, an even better feature of Universal Windows App is they don't work on Win7,lol, someone get a fork

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    Please give us a WPF like framework for native C++.

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    If here's a proper place, I have a question please. Thanks a lot in advanced if it's possible to answer.

    "Universal Windows App" seems to be working on WinRT. Apparently Win32 is not part of the new world. Also it was announced yesterday that the vision of the future by MS is "Mobile-first, cloud-first". How relevant is Win32 in MS vision? Is desktop going to die and if not, what will be its place in this new world?

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    Jens C

    The future of MFC?!

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    No more "windows" into the desktop.
    Modern apps (aka Windows Store apps) runs on a "page". Many differences: design, made for touch, different states in order to reduce power consumtion, programmer must include code for adapt app to different devices (screens). This last point could be a resource served by the operating system, but not yet.
    Sound good, but power consumtion is not an issue for desktop computers (and consoles).
    Modern apps make sense when you think in devices connected to cloud.
    What will happend in transition from desktop apps to modern apps?

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    If desktop is TOTALLY dead for Microsoft, anyone that has applications that has sense only on the desktop has to market them exclusively on OS X ?

    Linux is valid for a technical point of view but no one buys software on Linux, so it seems the only valid platform is OS X where you can have good level of sales.

    Microsoft is giving up completely on the desktop. This is the reality.
    We know perfectly that not all the desktop users (the one who just don't use the PC to access Facebook or Instagram) will switch to the Metro (modern Windows 8 app store ) interface apps.

    Does that means that anyone still interested to develop new desktop applications has to cancel MS Windows from the platform to consider as a target?

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    survey link broken - tim heuer on twitter has working link - tried posting it here but thwarted by spam police 



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    What is wrong with this picture Microsoft?
    Focus on WPF and allow a version of WPF to run on your tablet surface. We don't care to run WPF on iPad or android just surface. Wouldn't this put Microsoft in more powerful position with corporations ? iPad and android can not provide this and Microsoft will dominate corporate market. Also take a look at this and do not do the same mistake you did with Silverlight

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    Question: what would be our expectation on a 40inch monitor:

    - One application maximized or multiple applications?
    Answer: Both (Shattering Modularity)

    - Why would you want to be constrained to a single large bar?
    Answer: To maintain a helicopterview perspective on large data, as we can expect in Microsoft Dynamics AX

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    So utterly disappointing to watch this and hear the resignation that there will be no innovation or improvement in the desktop space. Supporting Win8 and newer is not an option. Our customers use Win7 and will for many many years (cf. XP retention). So, we'd like to move ahead, get faster, better, etc. So why is any innovation or improvement (ex. the touch friendly WPF control question) seen as a breaking change? Just add a NEW control and off we go. We'll use it. 

    For the Q about D3DImage. Give us SwapChainPanel in WPF on Windows 7. At a minimum. Our scientific data viz application will use it and benefit and we'll please more customers. We adopted WPF with the promise from MS that it's the future.. we've seen that we were lied to but we would at least appreciate some support. The point about using Snoop was perfect. Even game devs have it better with GPU debugging tools. WPF is DX so why don't those tools work there too? 

    After seeing this, I feel justified in not paying to attend BUILD this year. If I had, my trip report to the team would be "I attended BUILD and all I got was a lousy survey".  I requested ALL of these things at last years BUILD and people (Chris Anderson) dutifully wrote down our requests. I guess they were dropped in the trash when they returned to Seattle if we need to ask AGAIN. Where is the visionary Rob Relyea -- he was this close to solvinfg the Win32 airspace issues -- we watched the demo videos of early progress?

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    hi everyone!

    i'm an independent developer and I develope my applications using (Visual Studio 2013). I've customers interested in buying my applications already which was the reason for this topic.

    My questions are:

    1) what I've to do before I sell my desktop applications? I want to know if there are sorts of fees to be paid to Microsoft in order to sell your applications even though you're an independent developer? Since I used they tools to develop my applications!

    2) I use Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2014 and I want to know if I have to pay for all that before I deploy my applications to a customer machine?

    Knowing that I didn't buy any of those applications legally ( I downloaded both of them visual studio and ms SQL server).

    thank in advance.

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