User Data Management in Windows Phone

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User data is at the core of developing personal experiences on a smart phone. In this session, Tony will discuss new APIs to manage user data available in 8.1. He will address extended read access with Windows Runtime APIs, system UI tools to efficiently get tasks completed, and opportunities to integrate the data that your platform knows deep into the core Windows Phone experiences. The specific data types that fall into these themes are Contacts, Appointments, Email, and Online Media. Among other scenarios, the session will cover attaching arbitrary files to emails and writing appointments into the user’s calendar.

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The Discussion

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    And what about such a basic feature as call duration in the call history (as suggested in two feature requests in the Windows Phone Uservoice portal)?
    Is call duration missing also in the developer API or it's juste the default call log application which does not show it?

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    @Martin: Long press on any entry of the call history and tap "details". ;)

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