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    I'm really looking forward on this one and really hope we'll get some new bits to work with.

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    I hope this isn't a rehash of older sessions. It's been a long time since there was any update to this project. Give us something new to play with!

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    Any updates on M#/Midori/whatever? After task/async it should be time for contracts, compile time code generation, immutability, purity, native compilation ... Joe Duffy said more details in the coming months ...

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    @rush: Have you seen this blog post? Hopefully the radio silence is because they're waiting to unveil the latest CTP at Build...

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    what good is c# without WPF/Silverlight ?

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    @nemecHP, I saw that blog post. Im hoping they have something more than a CTP though. I mean if they are using it internally now it should be just about production ready, right?

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    i want see C# in Frostbite also Cryengine and also modern apps

    i mean is whats about Project N ( Native C# ? )



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    Is the future of C# linked to Mono (C# on Linux)?
    What about on Android. Or iOS. Or MAC...

    VS is able to compile same app in x86 and Arm. Windows and RT.
    Why not Arm/Android too.

    We all would like to build one app for all. W/WP/Xbox/Azure, Android, iOS/MAC...

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    Aron Parker

    Seriously looking forward to this, hopefully native support will be out soon for winforms :)

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    I can't wait....i hope the Roslyn will hit out needs in C#

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    According Roslyn codeplex page, in order to use Roslyn you need .NET framework 4.5, but... Is there available (complete) this framework for open platforms? (example Linux, Android, and other Unix flavors). The short answer is: No.

    Ok, Xamarin offers framework 4.5 for Android, but Mono (father of Xamarin) was not a successfull project, at least it was on the road.

    Why not an official (complete and stable) Microsoft .NET for Linux and other Unix?

    May be Microsoft, thinks yet that business in the future will be Windows, I do'nt think so, example: **The Cloud**. In the future HW, Operating System and DBMS will be only commodity, the most important thing for enterprises will be the choose between Java and C#, right now Java wins because it can be used on a multitude of platforms. This is a guaranty for serios and large enterprise developments.

    Microsoft think about it...

    I love C#, but I need take the right desition for my enterprise.

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    The future.... 2000 thousand dollars per developer per year to xamarin for the pleasure of using visual studio for iOS and droid on top of the 1000 dollars to ms for vs pro with msdn.  Add to that the cost of a Mac to build the iOS app.  Compared to using eclipse and java - free.  objc with xcode - free bar the cost of the Mac.  This is the big plan to crack android and iOS ?  Get people to pay a ton of cash to develop for the smallest mobile platform. I wonder why devs prefer other platforms?

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    Where is the video?y

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    I was unable to enable C#6 in my Visual Studio. Any hints how I can enable it? Roslyn is already installed. 

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    Are there any future plans related to the ScriptEngine and dynamic compilation in c# (Roslyn)?

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    No news about VB.NET? It will be supported again in the future? 


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    @ciupaz: Yes, VB.Net is supported now and into the future. VB.Net is mentioned a number of times. the important thing to remember is that there's one language team for C# and VB.Net. Also a commitment has been made that the two languages will evolve together. So while there wasn't a specific session for VB.Net, it is indeed alive any well...

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    that's an interesting talk title.

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    Any chance of getting the audio and video in sync, it's just enough out to be annoying

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    Is Roslyn developed in a way that type inference can be added outside of methods? From what I'm aware this was very limiting feature in previous C# versions.

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    This was a great talk. Thanks!

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    Levente Nagy

    At 34:32, this is absolutely not a nice feature! This is against clean code!
    Why not use polymorphism instead and call shape.WriteLine()?!
    Please remove this feature, this is going against productivity, who wants to add new case clause for every select in the code, who knows how many select statements there are, very hard to refactor! Also dependency injection is not possible this way.

    Please, don't even think about it to include this in C#6!

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    Levente Nagy

    Or WriteLine(shape.Area) of course...

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    @Levente Nagy: You're talking about the VB type switch feature?

    Type switches are needed sometimes. "Polymorphism" traditionally means that the method implementation is chosen based on the type of a single object, AKA "single dispatch". But this means it is no use if you have two objects and you need to use different code for different combinations of types, AKA "multiple dispatch".

    Often when people encounter a situation like this they think "Oh, I must have designed my program all wrong. If I'd done it right, this situation wouldn't have happened". But it's not true. Some situations involve dynamic dispatch based on the type of more than one object.

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    @danielearwicker - yes, good point... I have come across this scenario many times and understand co/contravariance (for the most part), but was not familiar with the term and theory of "multiple dispatch". This helps me better understand the concept better. Thanks!

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    At 57:00 - "Our heads explode, so your heads don't explode." I think that's a great quote.

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