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    I could not hear the answer regarding The question that was asked about distribution. How do we get our apps distributed on ONE. Is there going to be an app store?

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    Switching is fast, sure, but launch is not instant.  In some cases, the perception is that the experience is slower than Xbox 360.  With some things, like Settings, Friends, Achievements, Parties... those have been made into apps instead of being baked deeply into the experience.

    So if I want to see who is online, it takes forever on Xbox One.  On 360, it's the guide button and one click and I don't have to leave my game experience.

    The Xbox One has a perception that it is slower to do simple tasks.  You feel lonely because it is so cumbersome to start a party or join a friend compared to how it worked on 360 that you just stop playing with friends.

    I know that once that apps are RUNNING, it IS instant, but the PERCEPTION is that it is a much slower system than the 360 because of how things were implemented.

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    agustin molina

    I want istall

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    Too bad MS decided to murder all the promise of Kinect.

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