Building Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox One Apps with HTML/JS/CSS & C++

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    Can I also run winjs with c# instead of c++

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    I wish the microphones for the questions were wired up for the video recording. It was impossible to make out any of the questions on the playback.

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    What about XAML with C#/VB/C++? HTML5/JS with WinJS is silly. Almost all of the apps on the Windows Store use XAML with C#/VB/C++ so trying to still push WinJS is surprising at best.

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    if Building Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox One Apps only with HTML/JS/CSS & C++, the application develop efficiency is too bad(only use c++), suggest support html+c# or xaml+c#.

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    can we get a download of this code?

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    Please tell me that MSFT will zag back to being focused on C# and not JS now that Xamarin is paving that path so well. Nobody wants to work with these tools comparatively, and it's really disappointing to see this and not C# being the focus of the few XBox One talks at build this year. Maybe now that Sinofski is gone the HTML5 bandwagon can slow its roll a little bit for these native apps? I'm not trying to build a website, I'm trying to build a native app - I'm not expecting to leverage any of this on the web.

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    would you please share this session codes with us?

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    i need a pdf file

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    mqwai dube

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