Building Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox One Apps with HTML/JS/CSS & C++

Play Building Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox One Apps with HTML/JS/CSS & C++
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WinJS offers a very flexible and productive programming model for UI. C++ offers the most power and flexibility when it comes to developing Windows Runtime components. Put WinJS and C++ together and you have a highly productive toolset to build engaging applications for Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox One. In this session, the speaker will take you through the steps to run the same code on all three platforms. Attend this session to learn how to build a flexible UI that is easily adaptable to the 1ft, 2ft, and 10ft user experience.






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The Discussion

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    Can I also run winjs with c# instead of c++

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    I wish the microphones for the questions were wired up for the video recording. It was impossible to make out any of the questions on the playback.

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    What about XAML with C#/VB/C++? HTML5/JS with WinJS is silly. Almost all of the apps on the Windows Store use XAML with C#/VB/C++ so trying to still push WinJS is surprising at best.

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    if Building Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox One Apps only with HTML/JS/CSS & C++, the application develop efficiency is too bad(only use c++), suggest support html+c# or xaml+c#.

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    can we get a download of this code?

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    Please tell me that MSFT will zag back to being focused on C# and not JS now that Xamarin is paving that path so well. Nobody wants to work with these tools comparatively, and it's really disappointing to see this and not C# being the focus of the few XBox One talks at build this year. Maybe now that Sinofski is gone the HTML5 bandwagon can slow its roll a little bit for these native apps? I'm not trying to build a website, I'm trying to build a native app - I'm not expecting to leverage any of this on the web.

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    would you please share this session codes with us?

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    i need a pdf file

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    mqwai dube

    I can save music on this phone.I like music

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