IT’S A TRAP! 3 Remarkably Common UI Traps and How to Avoid Them in Your Designs

Play IT’S A TRAP! 3 Remarkably Common UI Traps and How to Avoid Them in Your Designs

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    wpf, tell me more

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    Steve and Michael,

    Great talk.  One of the best at Build.  I'm hopeful Microsoft will find a means of making the entire tool available to the public soon.  In the mean time, what other UI design books or resources do you recommend?

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    This is one of my favorite sessions at Build this year. Very informative.

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    Are the colors on the presentation inverted in the video? Or maybe RGB->BGR swapped?

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    The colors on the presentation are wrong in this video. Looks like Red and Blue are swapped. I was at this presentation in person, the colors were right at the conference, just this video is bad.

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    It's commendable how they are willing to talk about some of Microsoft's own UI mistakes. One thing I didn't hear, which actually would be unrealistic to hear in public, is...

    With all MS's money, staff of multiple psychologists (like the presenters) and other UI experts, and presumable testing with real users before-hand, did they still make some of the UI mistakes they did with Windows 8? IMO, some of the Win8 UI mistakes were pretty obvious.

    My guess is that internally these problems were known from the start, but that a strategic decision was made at the highest level to ignore them. "Yes, we know some people don't like X, but we know best. They'll get used to it."

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