HTML5 Platform from Web to Apps

Play HTML5 Platform from Web to Apps

The Discussion

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    Session was already closed after being turned away from Scott Hanselman's talk 3-602.  This is not going well.  :@

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    All of the content associated with this talk can be found on github.

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    Great talk, good pace, informative. Can't wait to try out these tools. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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    Overall, a good talk, as you took time to make sure not to jump too quickly or over key points.

    It was very cool to use community tools and not even VS. Very impressed with that. However, it would have been nice to at least have a peak at these "magic" scripts you were running, otherwise it just seems like you're hiding complexity, and it dilutes the message of ease.

    Finally, not including IOS in the mix leaves the audience with a big question mark in their heads. If you have to limit your presentation to two platforms, you should actually pick the two most popular: android and IOS :). Really like the fact that MS is going more and more towards community dev, but when you ignore (or seem to ignore) what the community is focusing on, you still look out of touch.

    With these two points addressed, I think you'd have a really great presentation.

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