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    common XAML UI framework, where is WPF, is it dead!! or just part of it!

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    Hi guys, I can confirm that WPF is not dead.

    On Feb 11 2014 Colin Melia @colinizer  (Microsoft MSDN Regional Director) wrote on Twtitter:

    "It's official. Microsoft has a team working on the next version of #wpf!!"

    When we asked for the source he replied:

    "@gsantopaolo conference call today with Microsoft gave explicit permission to announce the fact that a team is doing WPF planning."



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    If feedback into the WPF planning prevails, please add consistency for UX controls (WP controls), layouts(windows store), theming (store templates), and even to use the same commercialization models that exist for store apps. Give us the ability to do a native compile.

    Even better open source WPF, you've done it with most frameworks.

    Lastly please, please make the combo box easy to use ;-).

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