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Developing Office 365 Cloud Business Apps


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Office 365 is an ideal business app platform providing a core set of services expected in today’s business apps like collaboration, presence and integrated workflows, and a central location for installing, discovering and managing the apps. Office 365 makes these business apps available where users already spend their time – in SharePoint & Office. Visual Studio 2013 streamlines the way developers build modern business applications for Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 with the Office 365 Cloud Business App project. In this demo-heavy session, you’ll see how developers can build social, touch-centric, cross-platform Office 365 business applications that run well on all modern devices.

For more information, check out these courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

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  • JasonJason


    Where are the LightSwitch and Silverlight sessions?

    Silverlight developers would like an answer...


  • J QJ Q

    Silverlight has been deprecated. No new versions are planned and the team was dismantled and sent to work on other projects long ago.

    Lightswitch has had a bit of a rebranding. This talk is actually about LightSwitch... they're just branding it as "Office 365 Cloud Business Apps" now. It's still LightSwitch underneath.

  • JasonJason

    So does what does this mean for LightSwitch Desktop (Silverlight) applications?

  • Klaus OberdalhoffKlaus Oberdalhoff

    For Lightswitch: That Podcast ist interesting


  • FYI:  video stops at 10:12 repeatedly.

  • ocsocs

    Yep - video stops at 10:12. Would be nice if this get's fixed.  However I noticed you can forward the video and continue watching.

    Very interesting overview - thanks for sharing!

  • JasonJason

    Well, listening to that podcast(in which Beth effectively states that Silverlight is dead) makes me want to shoot myself in the face for choosing the LightSwitch Desktop Client.

    Using HTML5/JavaScript to build complex RIA LOB applications is not currently feasible, nor will it be for quite some time.

    If Microsoft wants developers to use HTML 5 then provide the tools to do so!

    XAML/C# productivity for building RIA LOB applications can not be matched by HTML5/JavaScript.

  • Beth Massifunkyonex Beth Massi - Visual Studio Community

    Jason, don't shoot yourself in the face, that leaves a messy keyboard.

    And to be clear, I only made statements about LightSwitch in that podcast. We have been focusing on HTML client and Office 365 for a couple years now. We will support the Silverlight client as long as Silverlight itself is supported, but our innovation will happen in the HTML & Office365 going forward.


  • JasonJason


    My frustrations are that we spent considerable time building a solution with the LightSwitch desktop client. The application is slow, bloated, has tons of bugs that are out of my control which is caused by the threading model.

    Will you be adding support for Stored Procedures and UDFs?

    What about ODATA v4 support? (it looks like ASP.Net Web API is now running with it).

  • Beth Massifunkyonex Beth Massi - Visual Studio Community

    Hi Jason,

    Yes the Silverlight client has some perf issues you should be aware of. If you haven't seen it, check this out: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rmattsampson/archive/2012/12/28/lightswitch-performance-tweaks-anyone-can-do.aspx

    We did optimize what's sent down the wire in VS2013:http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2013/10/09/lightswitch-performance-win-in-visual-studio-2013.aspx

    And we also did address a bunch of design-time perf in the March tools update so make sure you have that installed. http://aka.ms/officedevtoolsforvs2013 

    Going forward we're seeing customers ask for mobile and better business & data services support so this is why have been working on HTML5 and Office 365. I should mention that the above talk was really well received at BUILD.

    Thanks all that came! It was a really fun session.


  • BruceBruce

    A few questions about the killing off of LightSwitch in lieu of "Office 365 Cloud Business Apps":
    - Will SharePoint be required?
    - Will an Office 365 account be required?
    - Will a live Internet connection be required for development?



  • Klaus OberdalhoffKlaus Oberdalhoff


    > A few questions about the killing off of LightSwitch

    WHAT ?

    As a typical German i'm normally very afraid when i hear whispering about "killing stuff", but reading the signs not "in the sand" but in the "Build sessions" just the opposite of killing LS is true. LS (especially if you see it as THE RAD tool within VS) is more vital than ever. The GOOD THING MS did is: From marketing point of view the name LightSwitch itself may be burned (as a "gamer tool") because of a false and bumpy marketing start in 2010/2011, so the just don't promote the name itself any longer, but the MS team did that thing which is (at least in my eyes) the best survival guarantee: - They use it as a basis for more advanced technologies like the "Office 365 Cloud Business Apps" and "Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013" Which are build on top of LS.

    As far as i understand it (not tried it out yet) as soon as you start to develop things for the (MS) Cloud / Azure, then you quite frankly just have to use Sharepoint (MS use it as the <enhanced> file system in Azure / cloud) But as long as you do "old school" developing with or without ASP.NET you still CAN use the normal LS without Sharepoint ...

    Its less killing "non cloud" solutions or LS, but MS aggressively forcing, promoting and developing each and every new thing on "cloud first, mobile first" Basis as clearly stated. "Older" things don't die, MS at first glance add new things to cloud only - LS as RAD technology itself doesn't get "rusty", newer extensions are developed just "cloud first, mobile first".

    mfg Klaus

  • BruceBruce

    I would be nice if someone who really new something about this would answer the three questions asked. Please spare me the emotional discourse.
    - Will SharePoint be required?
    - Will an Office 365 account be required?
    - Will a live Internet connection be required for development?



  • Beth Massifunkyonex Beth Massi - Visual Studio Community

    Hi Bruce,

    Cloud Business Apps ARE SharePoint Apps. So yes, SharePoint is required. However you can deploy to either Office 365 or an on-premises SharePoint 2013 server.

    And NO. LightSwitch is still very much part of Visual Studio and does not require SharePoint. We just released a ton of new features for both project types around the HTML client. Please make sure you check out the latest tools here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/lightswitch/archive/2014/03/03/office-developer-tools-for-visual-studio-2013-march-2014-update.aspx

  • Beth:

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. When you say SharePoint is required, what about Lightswitch + Azure Web Sites + Azure SQL, (no SharePoint). Will that still be supported? Any plans on deprecating that scenario?


  • Beth Massifunkyonex Beth Massi - Visual Studio Community

    LightSwitch is still part of Visual Studio and does not require SharePoint. However some features are specific to CBAs & SharePoint (i.e. Document Libraries). Please make sure you check out the latest updates here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/lightswitch/archive/2014/03/03/office-developer-tools-for-visual-studio-2013-march-2014-update.aspx

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