Building a Large Scale JavaScript Application in TypeScript

Play Building a Large Scale JavaScript Application in TypeScript
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The Discussion

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    Wow wonderful talk, Mr. Gamma! Each slide was very interesting. Many thanks for this talk.

    I would love to hear about your DI solution in TypeScript ("the missing slide").

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    A project I'm working on is facing the same issues with dependencies, and this presentation should hopefully convince everyone to take a leap of faith into using AMD. A couple of questions;

    What CSS loader are you using for AMD?
    How do you organise your project when a component has a code file, CSS, and perhaps templates. Do the code and css sit alongside each other?


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    For a 300-level talk, this was pretty fluffy. I don't want to *hear* what you did. I want you to *show* me how you did it!

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    @Erich Do you have any plans to make parts of Monaco open source?

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    @michael:I agree.

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