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    what about WPF 5 ???????????????

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    i just want to know the future of WPF!!

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    Hi guys, I can confirm that WPF is not dead.

    On Feb 11 2014 Colin Melia @colinizer  (Microsoft MSDN Regional Director) wrote on Twtitter:

    "It's official. Microsoft has a team working on the next version of #wpf!!"

    When we asked for the source he replied:

    "@gsantopaolo conference call today with Microsoft gave explicit permission to announce the fact that a team is doing WPF planning."



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    Why not an official Microsoft implementation of .NET on Unix (Linux, etc)?

    The success of Java is just its presence in multitude of platforms, but .NET is much more rich for the front-end side.

    With cloud computing, in the future the Operating System will be only a commodity (also the Data Base Management System).

    Which OS and DBMS? will be less important because they will be managed by the cloud provider... for the future, we need platform independence for interoperate into a multi-cloud ecosystem.

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    what about project n?


    native C#

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    MS already released the .NET Framework amongst other things to the open source community, I'm sure they can deliver it on open source platforms.

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    .NET native is great because until now the only (.NET) language that produces native executables was C++. Now you can write native programs with C# (for high performance without running on CLR).

    Also with support for SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data, the modern version of vector computing), ideal for rendering, games, etc

    More information & download:

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    Will MP4 High Quality will be uploaded?

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    Mehdi Amin Javaheri

    I am not technical person, but you have done an excellent Presentation.

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    The vote for an updated VB6 on Visual Studio UserVoice is now in fifth position (out of over 8000).

    So when will Microsoft help VB6 programmers and address the issue - either update VB6 or release it to open source.

    (Yes I know VB6 isn't part of .Net, nor would we want it to be, but it does need updating).

    In the Tiobe index of programming language popularity for April 2014, VB6 has just risen to sixth place. An amazing performance for a language ignored by Microsoft for the last 12 years.
    What other manufacturer would ignore such a successful product ?

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    George Danila

    Stop focusing on Windows Store Apps ... They are total garbage.

    Work closely with Xamarin and the Mono project and bring an official cross-platform .NET implementation.

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    I don't know why I was surprised by all the negative comments... This was a great presentation full of exciting insights. Thanks for sharing!

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    so much struggle and advertising for years and .NET does not stick to programmers. The simplest is to bring back Visual Basic 6.0 and enjoy the real power of programming.

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