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Support for Git was added into Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013. In this session you will learn more about why you might want to use Git for your next project, what makes DVCS a powerful model for software development and when you might want to choose Git over TFVC for version control. We will learn about the fundamentals of a repository and how to successfully collaborate using Git in your Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online account.



The Discussion

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    What are the plans for the GIT compared with TFVC in future versions?

    Will GIT be a first class service in TFS and VS at the same level as TFVC are today? Or will GIT even be prioritized so that TFVC eventually fades away. Or will perhaps TFVC move toward GIT to eventually become a variation of GIT?

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    The plan is to support TFVC and Git first class in TFS so that we can support all 3 version control workflows (TFVC Server Workspaces, TFVC Local Workspaces and Git) giving folks choice. At the moment we have a bit of catching up to do with the parity of support for Git stuff and we have made some progress there. Version control is owned by a single team in Microsoft which helps ensure that thing keep parity but also that when new features are developed that they work across the board.  

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    What about support for SSH protocol for connecting to servers?

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    SSH Support is on our backlog for Visual Studio but at the moment only HTTPS is supported. Can you let me know why you prefer SSH over HTTPS?

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    Good introduction but...

    Can I know the good reasons (except that it's your tool) why you always recommand using git-tf to migrate from TFSVC to git while you can't migrate a project sources with this tool (except perhaps if no one has ever created a branch with TFS or renamed it, which I doubt... )

    Why don't you talk also of git-tfs that do a lot better job? It will be a real present to your users to talk about that alternative...

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    Thanks @Philippe, glad you've had good experiences with git-tfs. As you say, I mention the git-tf stuff because I helped with that Java based version but the .NET version has come along way recently. For folks that want to give it a try I would recommend using Chocolatey to install (By typing "cinst gittfs" once you have Chocolatey installed from

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