Make Data-Driven, High-Impact Improvements to an Application with Application Insights

Play Make Data-Driven, High-Impact Improvements to an Application with Application Insights

The Discussion

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    This is great and super simple to setup. I hope to see support for WPF applications, so you don't have to hack a few things to make it work.

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    Great session with some good samples showing how easy it is to use Application Insights and what it can be for.

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    Thanks guys, nice presentation. I'm left with questions regarding store apps however. What's the story with the CPU build selection where x86 was chosen in the demo? Does this mean x64 and ARM are not supported, or does it mean an app that's currently built and deployed to the store with 'Any CPU' now needs 3 builds and three packages to be uploaded to the store?

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    Nice Session
    1. Why on earth is the SDl not a PCL ?
    2. The BCL and Async and Http stack are now all available as PCL
    3. If this was a PCL, then we could use it with Xamarin IOS and Android, Silverlight, Win81 Silverlight
    4. Instead we have some weird targeting requirement - Any CPU
    5. I applaud the initial effort, but more Azure type thinking is required. i.e. multi platform

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