Avoiding Cloud Fail: Learning from the Mistakes of Azure with Mark Russinovich

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    Update: this problem is now fixed. Thanks.

    Wrong video for this site. Wanted "Avoiding Cloud Fail" but got "Go Mobile with C# and Xamarin".



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    Paul Batum

    Its fixed now.

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    Wonderful talk, really refreshing to see this level of transparency versus others in the industry.

    That issue with the ceriticate failure; the public report suggested the following certs failed:


    Now, one issue this failure highlights is that the entire global storage namespace has a common URL, which is (for tablestorage, for example):


    If the URL was instead:


    For e.g.


    Which is analogous to how AWS does it, for instance, for S3, they have:

    (Refer to: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/rande.html#s3_region)



    You would then have the ability to assign separate SSL certs per region. As long as you have a separate cert per region and ensure that all these certs expire on different dates, this would have been an incident isolated to a region and not global. True that time is a single point for failure. Might be possible, however, to potentially spread this risk over several slices of time.


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    Superb! So much of MS' current struggles with hanging on to its (dwindling?) developer corps is down to a terrible lack of honesty and straight-talking, particularly over the last few years.

    This kind of stuff is just fantastic - no real engineer thinks anything other than "there but for the grace of God go I" on seeing it. Those of us who are wary of cloud stuff because we suspect we're going to be lied to (in annoying MS-VP-speak, just to rub salt in the wounds) at every stage, on everything from resource provision through privacy through failure post-mortem cannot fail to be positively impressed.

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