Azure Fabric Controller Internals: Building and Updating High-Availability Apps

Play Azure Fabric Controller Internals: Building and Updating High-Availability Apps

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    Douglas kane

    I enjoyed the session but I had difficulty hearing.

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    I found the session interesting and informative.

    During your talk, you mentioned a statistic of 90% users not using availability sets. As a CTO for our organization and as a point person for the technical discussions with our clients CTO's and IT groups, I would like to offer a possible reasoning for this...


    What I am hearing from our clients and I would concur as I find myself in the same boat, is that we are still testing the waters with regards to Azure. One way we are doing this is to allow our developers and IT groups to use IAAS or PAAS. Using Azure for test, dev and qa is growing in popularity and Availability Sets doubles the work and adds to the cost for Test, Dev or QA sites which are often not bound by SLA requirements.

    Another interesting item to consider might be the work required to replicate servers (particularly from the IAAS perspective)...

    I have found it a bit frustrating to duplicate and manage cloned VMs and disks which can often take hours or days to provision in such environments. I hear the same complaints coming from our clients.

    Again, I am speaking from the perspective from a Gold Application Development Partner but some of our clients are public organizations, very large and have well established IT departments, procedures and processes. VMware is entrenched and options for management, cloning and fencing of VMs are a bit more approachable given some of the competitions UIs and management tools.

    Lastly, when I have approached our largest clients in attempt to discuss hosting their infrastructure or platforms on Azure, I am asked to provide extensive details about the Azure data centers. Questions about details pertaining to electrical, redundant fiber pathways, construction, internal management practices, security, biometrics, etc. are items I am rarely asked about and something for which there is "no way" I can answer without a point contact within Microsoft. Yesterday, when I asked an azure representative about this, the immediate response was: "it's the cloud, they just have to trust it."     ???

    I was also directed to the Azure security and compliance web page (which is a good start)

    So in summary, some thoughts on what it would take to get some of the largest organizations to build trust in Azure...

    Consider initial deployment price breaks / incentives for establishing Availability Sets and tools to ease the process for cloning / managing VMs and their disks (IAAS) on Azure.

    Perhaps, consider providing a resource to Application Partners (such as ourselves), to help answer some of the questions our larger clients need in order to Trust the Azure data centers.

    Thanks for your time...

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    Great session!

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    to @ngcbsiegel:Hello, and thank you for the detailed reply; it was enlightening. I would be glad to chat with you in more details regarding your observations. As I don't have your email, would appreciate if you could contact me at igalf at microsoft.

    Thanks a lot,




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