Designing and Implementing Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Architects

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One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft's Cloud Platform is choice! It enables you creating solutions composed of services running in your own data centers as well as the public cloud in many different ways. In this session you will learn about the different options, their advantages and disadvantages for designing and implementing such Hybrid Cloud solutions with Azure. The session includes practical examples demonstrating some of those options in action based on practical, real-world solutions and services.








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The Discussion

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    Excellent session - really appreciated the relevance to real world implementations. Speaker did an awesome job in describing and walking through the various approaches, and I very much appreciated the style of presentation with the active diagramming, which made this much less of a slide slugfest.  

    I like the level of the session - much more appropriate for my role as chief architect, versus the many sessions looking at APIs in Visual Studio. Would like to see more sessions of this caliber. 

    Hands down the best session of the day - well done. 

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    Terrific session. Very insightful and funny. So fast the best talk of the conference

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    Excellent session.  The speaker did a great job with the material.  Not only that, but his selection of relevant scenarios and practical solutions was enhanced by an honest accounting of pros and cons of each.  His choice of leveraging the drawing features of PowerPoint made the session very interactive and much more highly engaging.  Loved this session.

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    I really recommend this session to anyone looking supplement their current environment with the public cloud. Mario went into how to implement real world solutions while working with sensitive data.

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    Excellent Session. Can you please share the sample app which you have created for reference?

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    Mario Szpuszta

    thanks for the feedback so far... I am in progress with our legal department to get the sample published. unfortunately since it has more than 2000 lines of code (incl. UI) that process takes a while. if you have any urgent need and question just write me an email and I'll get back to you asap;)


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    @techcrack: see my response below... I am working to get the legal ok to get my sample published. since it has more than 1000 lines of code I need to follow some approval processes which do take some time. I'll post here as soon as it is out ;)
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    No Problem Mario. I will wait. Thanks for your consideration.

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    Hello Mario,<br><br>Wondering if you got approval for publishing the code?

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