Native Code Performance on Modern CPUs: A Changing Landscape

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Modern CPUs are fast. Really fast. New instructions, wider vector registers, and more powerful CPUs promise faster code. But reasoning about performance is not as it seems on the surface. This talk will dive deep into how advancements in the latest chips force some rethinking of native code performance, from the point of view of a compiler developer. The performance landscape is changing. Come see what that means.






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The Discussion

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    Will there be a live stream of this session?

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    This wasn't very fun to watch. The speaker seemed a bit disinterested, or even annoyed. Interesting session nevertheless.

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    I'll have to disagree with you, lesderid. I liked his style and he was clearly very interested in the subject. Great talk.

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    Awesome talk! Especially the discussion on how much memory access latency impacts performance, even for operations that one would typically consider to be "mostly CPU".

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    excellent talk on an excellent topic. Hope to see more and more talks on native runtime on windows!!

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    Awesome talk! I really like the detail pertaining to the nitty-gritty stuff, it's awesome how well it was explained with the flowcharts.

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    Great talk. But there are audio issues starting at about 3:50 in HQ file.

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    Great session (presentation & content). Would love to hear more about .Net native from him. Specifically if life's easier for the optimizer when dealing with IL. Can more/other optimization be performed? I'm asking because pointers (in C/C++) make many optimizations quite difficult.

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    I really like Eric's speaking and presentation style. To the point that i hunted down the three other talks he has given.

    I also really like that he really goes into detail to explain something. Something that might have been a throwaway comment is actually backed up by dragging us into the assembly. Other talks he gives up the architecture diagram and shows instructions getting queued into pipelines. With clear diagrams it really helps drive the point home as real.

    He also seems to have a uhh Jeff Goldbum speaking style. So when it's trying to vectorize my code, it's nice to hear that the compiler uhh...finds a way.

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    His tonality just makes it sound like he really wants to be somewhere else most of the time. I like the actual choice of words and pacing though.

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    Fernando Pelliccioni

    Excelent talk! Thanks!

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    Eric is a great speaker! I like his style, too.
    Unlike many other talks, i found this one really informative.

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    Great talk! Really enjoyed this.

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    At first sight it seems the presentation is slow and does not provide much of information. But actually it is the opposite: after watching it a lot of stuff is left in my head (a)

    My summary of the talk is here. But in general, the most important thing to remember: "Highly efficient code is actually memory efficient code". 

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