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Dan Fernandez talks with Jay Schmelzer, Gianugo Rabellino, Miguel de Icaza about .NET Foundation and open source.






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The Discussion

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    Why Mono and MoonLight are not fully compatible with .NET?

    What about Xamarin, what level of compatibility (framework version) reaches compared with .NET?

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    @carlospinedag: The Xamarin runtime on most platforms is 4.5 compatible.

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    @carlospinedag: Moonlight isn't in development anymore. 

    Icaza explains:

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    Why isn't Xamarin just apart of the normal VS IDE?

    I am disappointed that they didn't buy Xamarin and just make it apart of the normal visual studio IDE.

    This is a fail on MS IMO.

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    @NightDevelopers: I'm glad to see the parternship with Xamarin and at least the discounts for MSDN subscribers, but to really onboard the amount of mobile devs that could take windows phone to a new level they should really aquire Xamarin and make it a first class citizen of Visual Studio. That way all dev shops have an easy way to create apps for all the platforms. At the moment Windows Phone version of apps get made last and that isn't helping anyone.

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    I, for one, am glad Microsoft are not Buying out Xamarin. That would send out the wrong message to partners, and just show them to be bullying their way in the development space. Releasing .NET foundation, alongside other partners, is a much more powerful message.

    You listened to Miguel right ? About being proud to be independent, of Microsoft. Buy out Xamarin, and you will not get Miguel. I have a Xamarin developers licence, because those guys deserve being paid for their efforts in supporting .NET, unlike Microsoft.

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