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Optimizing .NET for Modern Hardware

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Charles Torre sits down with Habib Heydarian and Shawn Farkas to discuss .NET optimization for modern hardware.

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  • Why C# native is faster than C# CLR-bytecode?
    The fact is that CLR JIT compiler must generate native code for a superscalar processor, but CLR is a stack machine.
    What about the conversion from stack machine to RISC-CISC machine?
    This issue is also a research topic for Java compilation, because JVM and CLR are stack machines.

  • C# JIT compiler generate code for take advantage of Instruction Level Parallelism of modern processors?

  • What about a SPEC benchmark for C#?

    I know exists this benchmarks for Java, but I think C# compiler researchers need this benchmarks in order to test their optimizations.

  • Is the superscalar processor the best platform for execute .NET?
    (considering that .NET CLR is a stack machine and a superscalar processor is a machine based in registers)

    Do you remember the idea of Java processors (Sun's specification named "picoJava")?

    Why not a .NET hardware processor, where native code is the same bytecode?

    What thinks Microsoft about this idea?

    Imagine Azure datacenters with big Symmetric Multiprocessor servers with hundred of .NET processors.

  • gptgpt

    @carlospinedag:obviously there are no mass deployment of picoJava around. why would the idea work with .NET this time? What do you think is different nowadays that will make it work?

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