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Day 1 Keynote

2 hours, 59 minutes, 13 seconds


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Join Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore, David Treadwell, Stephen Elop, and Satya Nadella for keynote from day 1.

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  • can't wait for //build 2014!!!!!
  • Stalactite ZStalactite Z


  • Alivin LeeAlivin Lee

    I am wating for Microsoft Build Conference 2014 in China.

  • Best wishes to Nokia/Windows phone Tonight.

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
    1. Keynote will be streamed on the homepage (http://channel9.msdn.com)
    2. You can see the time/date of the start here: http://t.co/ggX9CoxmnN (1h 45m from now)


  • Can you "Play To" the stream to our TV's from the computer ?  Windows 8.1 ?

  • LIVE STREAMhttp://channel9.msdn.com/

  • zzyzzy

    all right.At last it runs! I'm in Guangzhou China.

  • JackJack

    Anyone listening a woman talking on back of video?

  • Yes, wtf?  Who is the woman?

  • Had to Use Firefox to get it to run.


  • Ravi BRavi B

    Yes, what's with the background audio!?

  • Katana346Katana346

    Can we get rid of that audio in the background? Very distracting...

  • JoeJoe

    What is that background noise? Sounds like Oprah.

  • DeanDean

    What is with the background chat, that voice is extremely distracting! Can't continue to watch this video stream.

  • LOL, I opend every browser window i had up to try and find it before i realized it was coming from Build.


  • background noise drives me crazy....

  • Seriously? What's with the woman talking in the background? PLEASE STOP IT.

  • Audio channel has cross-chat from some other program (live television, I think). Someone may have an open mic...

  • Ravi BRavi B

    Phew - thank God it's 404.

  • Katana346Katana346

    Finally... Thank you to whoever fixed that.

  • GregGreg

    That background audio with the woman speaking is ridiculously annoying. Way to ruin a presentation.

  • nbates66nbates66

    the noise is gone now, hope that person gets a good talking to.

  • Ah - audio crosschat stopped. Thank you. Please wag a finger at whoever caused the problem. :)

  • Is anyone monitoring this???, please turn that sound off very distracting....

  • I can also hear the woman talking in the background.  What is going on?

  • rhpdmrhpdm

    What is this audio cross talk? I want to hear the presentation, but some woman is talking about something else in the background...

  • Problem seems to have stopped at roughly 2:14 on the stream.

  • JackJack

    Background audio stopped, some woman around just got fired hahahaha

  • They need to fix the focus on the PC screen

  • Have they mentioned anything about Printing from WP?

  • Keith NicholsonHitek There is just so much to learn!

    They are not doing a good job at making this live are they?

  • really amazing, i like them all!

  • bob smithbob smith

    I did not hear it. The overall goal of MS shall be to increase Windows 8+ adoption by 100+ million customers in shortest time possible. Every employee will contribute to this goal and be evaluated on progress to this goal. Employees can opt out of participation in this goal. Opt out employees will be downsized by 30% per year. Any questions?

    Since I did not hear this goal from the CEO, I understand MS will fail to impress customers with Windows 8+. Apple, Android and others will continue their dominance.

    Good luck

  • Cortana will bounce the app markets and will rule the section. We all hope for all countries the speech recognize will work. sorry for my bad english X)

  • I want that Cortana T-Shirt he was wearing!  Couldn't make it to the conference and I want one!

  • Boris JalovBoris Jalov

    how there is a audio stream overlapping since 2h08 until 2h13minutes mark :)

  • WinMetroWinMetro

    Why are you using the same intro music and the same blue color from last year?

  • MartinMartin

    alright, I have HTC D7 Windows Phone running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. I don't want to buy a new device. I'm so happy with this one for the past 3x years. When can I update it to Windows 8.1 - I don't want to change my phone every 3x months. We can run old apps on Windows 8.1 why cant we update old phones?

  • Thaanks

  • where is the high .mp4 format for download?

  • The stream fails after about 35:50 mins.

  • RonnyRonny

    Impressed by the Cortana show! Great App! Is it possible to install Cortana on my Surface Pro? I mean to migrate Cortana to Windows 8.1.

  • jzhenjzhen


  • donverdonver


  • one of the best Build conference ever ! here is the summary :

    - Windows Phone 8.1 announced.
    - Cortana ,an awesome personal voice assistant for Windows Phone revealed. (I should mention that there are lots of differences between Cortana and what's in your mind about voice assistant)
    - Windows 8.1 Update 1 revealed. (Available on 8th of April)
    - Visual Studio 2013 update 2 RC announced.
    - Universal applications for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox one announced.
    - Kinect v2 for Computer announced
    - New Lumia 930, 630 and 635 devices announced (Available on June and May)
    - What is the role of Windows in Internet of things (IoT) era; or let say Windows is coming to coffee machines, watches, pianos, cars and a lot more.
    - Modern start menu revealed and will be available via Windows Update later.
    - Modern touch-friendly Office revealed.
    - Windows will be at zero cost for IoT devices and tablets and phones smaller than 9 inches.
    - Satya Nadella Q&A

  • Wamiq AnsariWamiq Ansari

    Strange that the LIVE stream works with FireFox but not with IE 11.

  • @Wamiq Ansari: Actually, it works pretty all right on my IE 11.

  • @Jack:yes even i heard someone was talking.(a)  may be some ghosts are excited about windows phone 8.1:P

  • Guido van BrakelGuido van Brakel

    Will this Keynote also be available for download WMV format and so on?

  • Gerardo Melendrezpayini Gerardo Melendrez

    Awesome keynote. I can't wait to get the updates and build an Universal App.


    Lumia 920 Waiting for Windows Phone 8.1

  • great

  • gggggggg

    the two mexican restrant cortana found is 2000 miles away

  • 1:04:15, 1:24:44, 1:50:13, 2:58:13 Is this Cortana on Windows 8.1 Update 1?

  • Travis TeagueTravis Teague

    The recording doesn't have anything after 2hour and 9 minutes, which completely cuts out the nokia section of the keynote. would really like to see that.

  • unknownunknown

    Build 2012/2013/2014 intro music: Nova - Trash Disco

  • Scott CooperScott Cooper

    Excellent kickoff to the event. Good, high-level overview of what Microsoft is focused on, and where the future focus will be. I particularly enjoyed the Cortana demonstration. Great job!

  • Steven Form ChinaSteven Form China

    I am a Chinese student,I am looking forward Build 2014.

  • PaulliePaullie

    Funny that I see an image where it says "Cutting Edge Video Playback" just as the playback in IE 11 froze and won't resume. Other than that great insight into Microsoft's trends.

  • ediedi

    How soon will the HD version be available? Day2's keynote already got High Quality MP4 download, why Day1 no got?

  • Sam BSam B

    Keeps freezing, cannot watch more than a few minutes if lucky.

  • Channel9, provide HD version of the keynotes: there is no link to HD version of Day 1 keynote at all and HD version of Day 2 links to mid-quality!

  • Windbg is still ugly :)

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @Raiker: We only received a 720p version of the keynotes, so what we've posted is the highest quality we have.

    @Sam B: I'll take a look at this. I did play it all the way through right after posting and it seemed fine, but you are not the first to point out there is a problem so I'll investigate

    @Travis Teague: Not supposed to do that, will investigate.


    Thanks for the feedback folks!

  • 为毛高清MP4显示是iPhone和Android?

    Why this MP4 shows the iPhone and Android??

  • GugukeGuguke Shōgo Makishima!

    @Wyn5in: Have you realized that the quality of the so called "Mid Quality MP4" is actually better than the one with only "MP4" labeled? Also check out Day 2 Keynote and you will be stunned to see that there we have a "High Quality MP4" linking to the exact same URI as the Mid one. xD

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @Wyn5in: @Guguke: Yes, the MP4 is our lowest quality, the Mid is generally our 720p one and high is for when we have a 1080p quality file. The labels below are just suggestions about what to use based on the device you have. If you are browsing the site from an iPhone for example, I would suggest the MP4 file. If, on the other hand, you were viewing from a PC with a good connection I would suggest the Mid quality MP4

  • Is is possible to forward this question to Microsoft?

    Will the WordFlow technology be forwarded to Windows 8 tablets with touch screen?

  • cesarsecesarse

    Nice job, Microsoft, but the Walking Piano was invented in 1976.

  • morad alloulmorad alloul

    slt cv moi morad due moarooc

  • Marcos RuppelMarcos Ruppel

    That was a fantastic keynote, I can see Microsoft is changing in every aspect, becoming a new company together with this new CEO. Learning from customers, developers and partners is certainly the right path to go, with benefits to everyone. Way to go, Microsoft!

  • RossRoss

    Hi, the video will play past 2h13m. You get about 20 seconds and then have to refresh the page. Can you check the file please?

  • The video stops and refuses to play at certain points during the playback. This is happening on both the stream played from the webpage and the downloaded mp4 file. This has happened at least 3 times and I've only watched about half. 

  • chrischris

    using IE 11, video now failing at about 1:44
    was failing at an earlier point but got past that after a few refreshes of the web page

    Error: video could not be decoded

    better put big data to work figuring out when basic stuff is failing

  • I need update 8.1
  • DimitarDimitrovDimitar​Dimitrov

    Join Terry Myerson
    Good things, but I have no money - money.
    And with great desire to buy it it's no funds for personal use.

  • Jason RobertsonJason Robertson

    one thing I really would like is the ability to Ctrl + F in a Windows app or screen and be able to search every word on the screen

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