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Windows 10 dramatically expands the ways in which developers can build apps and games by adding several new programming models, and also expanding the app model to support a broader set of developer scenarios. Andrew will explore these in depth and give you the information you need to get started building Windows apps that leverage these features today.


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    Richard Lim

    This was very informative and helpful.

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    @Richard Lim: glad you liked it

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    Great talk!

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    Would be nice if speaker didn't mess with words that much. Sometimes its hard to understand what does he say. Its better to say less words more slowly to let listeners think (and non-native speakers to understand better)

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    Back button!

    Yeah - finally app model for desktop apps as well - but I do wonder how many apps are going to adopt it while good old .msi/.exe installers exist... Maybe we need a big warning/jumping trough some hoops when those are run.

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    @Gregory:Thanks for the feedback Gregory.  I'll try to do better next time.  Any specific examples that were especially difficult to understand?

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    @megame:We are aiming to make it such a better experience for normal users that they will always want an appx.  Clearly .msi/.exe aren't going to disappear overnight but we're investing significantly to make appx the best distribution solution.

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    Wow. Best discussion I've seen so far from BUILD and so many exciting announcements and detail.

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    Bruce Heckman

    my avg will not work on win 10 :(

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    wow can you people tell me HOW to get this off the corner of my bottom windows 10

    Microsoft Confidental <~  Please :/

    Bruce Heckman

    :) Jesus Loves You 

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    Here are links to the other sessions he mentions in the beginning slides:

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    Windows 2.0, Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1, WFW, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8.x........................

    Are we saying MSFT never had an app model defined till now. Hard to imagine.

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    Hmm, I'm browsing on Spartan browser. There is no way to right click on the video link to download them. Please fix it.

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    So in the name of security, the APP model will exclude applications made to help improve your security.

    No administrator access? NO "Kernel" driver access?

    Lets say I want to build a Firewall with the Windows Filtering Platform. The API is designed around user rights. It also has a whole "kernel" level for developing filter drivers. Under the Windows 10 Application model, it would be impossible to deploy a "Firewall" application.

    No INProc extensibility? So I can't use the SHell to show my application in the "system notification" tray?

    How are "ANti Virus" and "Firewall" applications going to be allowed in the WIndows Store?

    You can't even use "Services" that work with your application...

    Windows Filtering Platform is amazing, please rethink the app model and your certification so applications can use the Windows Filtering Platform. As an exception to these rules perhaps.

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    Hey Now;

    This was a great video on Windows 10 app model. 

    Thank you

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    thanks for those insights! good to know that something like AppX is finally around the corner!!

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    Is PECOFF still good?

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