Advanced deployment strategies for Azure Web Apps using Resource Manager templates

Play Advanced deployment strategies for Azure Web Apps using Resource Manager templates

The Discussion

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    This talk was titled "Agile Development in Practice" at //build, which was admittedly a very poor match for the talk's content. I renamed it here to match what it is really about. The slides still have the original title.

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    Thanks for a really informative session. Any chance you can provide the ARM templates you were using. 



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    john chou

    Great session David, wondering if you have used cloud service (Microsoft.ClassicCompute/domainNames) instead of sites (Microsoft.Web/Sites) to create a slot and add source control. I can create a cloud service and it has 2 deployment slots (prod and staging) using a template. I would like to add the source control to the staging slot so the deployments always go to staging.

    Been watching your video repeatedly to reverse engineering trying to piece together the your template but yielding no success. Could you post or email me ( your template

    Let me know if you have any idea on how to add source control resource to a cloud server instead of a web/site and what the might look like in template format.

    Thanks John Chou

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