AllJoyn: Building Universal Windows Apps that Discover, Connect, and Interact with Other Devices and Cloud Services Using AllJoyn

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    Can we expect to see a recording for this session uploaded?

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    Here is the link to the blog post they were mentioning.

    Step-By-Step: Building AllJoyn Universal Windows Apps for Windows 10 Public Preview

    IoT Blog

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    I dont necessaraly see the need for all these wrapping layers. At the Belgian Railways we implemented the same infrastructure over devices with only Masstransit, RabbitMq and some easy to manage and version interfaces. It was the biggest project in Belgium (over 15.5 mil euro, with spin off's amounting to almost 200 milj euro).. Every kind of device conncected with a Windows 8.1 hub device and numerous satellite devices.

    The messaging pattern style we used was a lot simpler, only consisting of:

    - Command (like the actions here)

    - Events (things that didn't needed actions or responses)

    - Request/Response messages (asynchronously)

    We are even going to repeat this success with the Electricity market..


     Instead of adding/removing events on watchers we used prism's framework EventAggregator since it was more robust to errors/memory-leaks or missing event removals -= 

    I will certainly look deeper into the Alljoyn frameworks and methodologies, if only because they might use something I didn't think of. It only seems a lot of overhead, no?

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