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The Azure App Service platform brings the best of what the Azure Cloud has to offer into one cohesive and flexible architecture. Azure App Service makes it easy to build enterprise systems leveraging both your own and third-party APIs. Azure App Service brings together Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and powerful new Logic Apps, all of which communicate with Azure API Apps. We’ll dig into building these systems, how we consume RESTful Web APIs and how platform services can span authentication, implement single sign on, and how automatic client code generation can reduce the amount of manually written code. We’ll also look at how we can publish APIs to the gallery and see how can be distributed to millions of pro developers and business users.





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    looking forward to watching the second half of this session.  It cut off when live feed stopped on Wednesday.  Thanks Scotts H. for this...detailed swagger discussion has been missing since App Service was announced last month.  Picking bits from internet projs like swagger is great, but we need some info from MSFT about how to use this stuff.  Would love to see more examples of using swagger.config.cs to add required Azure metadata bits - triggers - actions - default response.  Hopefully that'll come out of box in Azure API App template some day.  Cheers!

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    Seems like a comedy show gone wrong. The speakers should have clearly picked the slides which they wanted to present v/s random interjections that are very distracting.

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    really hard to watch. just cut out the guy who keeps interjecting

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