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In this session, we will tour the new APIs, learn techniques and design considerations for building multi-device Windows games, explore how to integrate Windows games with Xbox Live, and discuss updates on the most popular gaming middleware and engines now ready for Windows 10.



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    Hopefully we will get an update:

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    guys, your MonoGame logo appears to be out of date :)

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    Hi UserVoice..  Our partnerships w/ Monogame, Unity, Marmalade, Epic, Cocos, ANGLE, and many other middleware/frameworks providers is where we are focused on gaming..   I would not expect an update to XNA. 

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    Have they enabled OpenGL on their store apps yet?

    I don't want to waste my time on anything xboxy from Microsoft

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    I am the author of FalconUDP used by .NET games for their netcode:

    You say Sockets are coming are coming to Universal Apps and Windows 10.. How about Windows RT, 8, and 8.1, will Sockets one day be available on them from Universal Apps too? Or will I have to use DatagramSocket?


    Looking forward to hear back

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    Monogame is essentially the multiplatform replacement for XNA. The Monogame team worked hard to make Monogame essentially a 1-to-1 replacement for XNA. I use all my old XNA code for new projects and porting to non MS platforms. Just think of Monogame as XNA 5 and stop waiting.

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    @sosihui:Take a look at ANGLE which maps OpenGL ES calls to DirectX:

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    @MrkMnl:I have no knowledge either way, but I would guess that the ability to use the socket APIs will not be backported to earlier OSes...this is a new addition to Windows 10 and Universal Apps.

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    @BrianPeek: Thanks for replying, Brian... but unless I see Microsoft committing to maintain and support that project it will be a dead end waste of time.

    For example, who is going to update drivers with the most recent shader compilers? I guess nobody.

    Current support for OpenGL ES 2.0 is like a whole generation behind. Sorry, no deal.

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    @sosihui DirectX is already on all Windows devices? That's the API you should be using if you want to support Windows. DirectX is the leading API for desktop gaming, and that's at the core of the gaming industry.

    Xbox is now Windows, and vice versa. It's short sighted to say "I don't want to waste my time on anything xboxy from Microsoft" - How exactly is your time being wasted? Do you want to make games or not ?

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    I think you should grow up before you say that nonsense about "leading API" ... LOL at you...

    NOBODY CARES about directX except microsoft payroll and their shills.

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    Is that Chomp Sample available yet? I can't find it

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    @davidhayes: Very soon. I will post a link here once it's available. Thanks!

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    Where to download the "" nuget package?
    I can't find it...

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    кортана понравилась,функция полезная. Но значок на панели удобнее был бы справа,как аналог "меню пуск"(с обычными размерами значка). После установки W10 возникают проблемы с запуском и с корректной работой проводника.

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