Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Architecture

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Service Fabric is a state-of-the-art distributed system that allows developers to easily build and manage Internet scale services such as Azure DB, Azure Document DB, and Bing Cortana. In this talk, Gopal Kakivaya will cover the hard distributed systems problems developers encounter when building such services and how the major subsystems of Service Fabric come together to provide effective solutions to those hard problems. If you are interested in understanding how Service Fabric works "under-the-hood" this is the talk to attend.



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The Discussion

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    This video shows info related to app packaging and deployment. The title says Service Fabric Architecture. Can we get the correct video uploaded here

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    Randy Miller

    This is definitely the wrong video for this session. Please fix this.

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    So, if this service has been running internally for 5 years, why was there a need to create Orleans? Was there something specific to the Xbox scenario that prevented it from running on top of this service?  That is confusing to me...

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